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  • YOG Report -- Singaporean Critics; Billion Euros Pledge for 2018; 2012 Volunteers


    Critics of the Singapore YOG vow to make the cost of the Games a political issue. (Getty Images)
    Political Party Raises YOG Question

    One of Singapore’s political parties vows to make the 2010 Youth Olympic Games a political thorn in the side of the ruling People’s Action Party.

    Singapore Democratic Party secretary general Chee Soon Juan posted a challenge to sports minister Vivian Balakrishnan on Monday.

    “Specifically we want to ask you, as MCYS Minister, to tell the residents how much and on what items was spent for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG).” The government spent three times the amount of its estimates on the Games.

    “We would like to invite you to show the country the full accounts of the YOG and to answer questions on how your Ministry came to over-spend the budget by three times.”

    “So rather than talk at residents through the state media, why don't you meet us in a debate and let the residents watch and hear for themselves firsthand both the PAP's and the SDP's arguments” SDP taunted. “The residents can then go to the polls and make an informed decision on who they really want as their MPs.”

    A statement on the SDP’s website says: “the MCYS's over spending the YOG budget by 3 times its original budget of $104 million and running an event that was riddled with incompetence and mismanagement needs to be addressed.

    “This election Singaporeans can expect the SDP to take the Minister to task over his handling of the YOG as he is expected to be the PAP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC which the Singapore Democrats will be contesting in.”

    Currently, no members of the SDP serve in parliament, and some consider the party to an extremist group.

    SYOGOC’s final report reportedly says the Games were worth $45 million in marketing value.

    Billionaire Pledges Billion for YOG

    Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov pledged $1.45 billion for sports in Dagestan, if the region wins the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

    Kerimov said the money would go to building a 42,000 seat stadium for the YOG, and other smaller stadia, as well as several new four and five star hotels.

    Reports say Kerimov is worth nearly $8 billion.

    Nanjing is the host of the 2014 YOG.

    The IOC will select a 2018 host in 2013.

    Innsbruck Volunteers

    Innsbruck 2012 unveiled its “Volunteer Community” last week.

    The Facebook page serves as the official community page for 2012 YOG volunteers.

    Yoggl, the official mascot of the Games even made a post on the group’s wall.

    Interested volunteer applicants have until June 30 to apply for a position.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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