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  • Major international cycling events in the Danish pipeline


    In 2011, Denmark is gearing up for no less than three great cycling events on Danish soil, namely the UCI BMX World Championships 2011, the 2011 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships and the UCI Road World Championships 2011, followed by the start of Giro d’Italia in 2012.

    Today in Milan, Lars Vallentin Christensen, Business Development Manager, Wonderful Copenhagen, shares a virtual hug and a spectacular virtual bike ride in the heart of the historical Copenhagen and throughout green and friendly Denmark with around 50 journalists – in order to advocate for the UCI Road World Championships 2011. The time trial circuit will par example pass many of the well-known tourist attractions in Copenhagen.

    In order to brand Denmark as a cycling nation and help especially the commentating journalists at the UCI Road World Championships 2011, Wonderful Copenhagen, the Danish Cycling Federation and Sport Event Denmark have already posted the media guide on the event website.

    In many ways, 2011 will be a year of great bike events and cycling sport in Denmark. With the UCI BMX World Championships coming up in July in Copenhagen, the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships in September in Roskilde and the UCI Road World Championships in September in Copenhagen/Rudersdal and the start of Giro d’Italia in 2012, Denmark gets the opportunity to show the world that the bike is a natural part of the Danes’ everyday life and culture. Moreover, the said cycling events are important drivers for Denmark’s brand as one of the world’s leading sports events destinations.

    Behind the hosting of each of the above hallmark events stands a very strong event organisation, established early in the process and determined to deliver successful events to the full satisfaction of the rights owners. In the run-up for the events, it is possible to follow the preparations closely, e.g. on social media platforms, and to share the excitement leading up to the hosting of the events.

    Both jointly and separately, the events are used as leverage for a thematization of the Danish bike culture. Just to mention one of the side-events, Copenhagen is staging a “bike festival”, which runs parallel with the core event; the UCI Road World Championships.

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