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  • 2018 By the Book: Transport


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    The three bid cities all propose new roads for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at the accommodation plans of Annecy, Munich and PyeongChang. By the Book is an exclusive series of reports by Around the Rings based on the bid books presented by the three 2018 bids.


    Authorities – the French Government, Departmental Authorities, municipalities, Republic of the State of Geneva, Lyon Airports Society, the Swiss Confederation (Federal Motorways Authority)
    • Airports- Geneva Airport, Lyon-Saint Exupery Aiport
    Motorway and Main Road Network- The Games area is linked to the French and European motorway network by a number of access routes, linked by two motorways to Paris and northern Europe via Switzerland, to the south of Europe via Grenoble and Lyon, and to Italy via two tunnels.
    Public-Transport Network – a high-speed rail system serving the whole of Europe; the “Games Train”, the strategic link between Annecy and Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Annecy and Chamonix urban bus network, Olympic shuttle system


    Authorities- federal, state and municipal, German National Rail Company’s DB Netz, Free State of Bavaria
    Airports- Munich International Airport, Innsbruck Airport, Salzburg Airport
    Autobahn and Main Road Networks- three major autobahn links which connect Munich International Airport to the Munich Olympic Zone, connect Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and connect Munich to Schonau a. Konigssee; new bypasses and tunnels in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    Public-Transport Network- Ice Park in Munich is served directly by two high-capacity lines of the Munich underground system; system that features 95 km of underground lines, 75 km of tram and 464 km of bus routes, all connected to 442 km of suburban rail


    Authorities- Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea Rail Network Authority, Korea Expressway Corporation, Wonju Local Land Management Service, Gangwon Provincial Government, PeyongChang Municipal Government, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea Airport Corporation, Korail, Korea Expressway Corporation, Wonju Local Land Management Service, Gangnueng Municipal Government, Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, Seoul Metropolitan Policy Agency, Gangwon Provincial Police Agency, Intra-city Bus Consortium, Express Bus Consortium
    Airports- Incheon International Airport, Yangyang International Airport
    Motorway and Main Road Network- four-lane Yeongdong Expressway, a main road linking the Alpensia Cluster, the Coastal Cluster, Bokwang and Jungbong, Donghae Expressway, Yeongdong Expressway II, Alpensia Ring Road, Olympic lanes, Park & Ride system, a 5.6 km-long four-lane road for the sole use of Olympic vehicles
    Public-Transport Network- new double-track railroad connecting Wonju and Gangneung via PeyongChang, double-track electric train between Seoul and Yeoju will be extended to Wonju, approximately 334 express buses in operation connecting the region to many cities in Korea

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2018 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

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