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  • 2018 By the Book: Security


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    PyeongChang proposes the largest security team for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at the security plans of Annecy, Munich and PyeongChang. By the Book is an exclusive series of reports by Around the Rings based on the bid books presented by the three 2018 bids.


    Security Authority: Ministry of the Interior, civil and military police services, emergency and rescue services, fire brigade, health and medical services, military, OGOC employees, private security industry.
    Crime: The municipalities that form the department of Haute-Savoie, on human scale, are not specially targeted by delinquent actions or criminality. The Olympic security plans will help further strengthen prevention and mitigation of all criminal risks during the Games.
    Terrorism: France has not experienced a serious terrorist attack since 1996. As the Games might attract other external terrorist risks, international counter-terrorism liaison and cooperation will be enhanced and an extremely rigorous anti-terrorist plan will be implemented both before and during the 2018 Games.
    Number of security personnel: 14,800
    Budget: $40.7 million (2010 USD)


    Security Authority: 17 agencies, private security and security services
    Crime: Bavaria is Germany’s safest federal state. Munich is one of Europe’s safest major cities and ranks as the safest German city with more than a million inhabitants.
    Terrorism: While there are no indications at the present time of a specific threat to the Olympic region by terrorist networks, Germany is constantly monitoring the activities of terrorist networks around the world through intelligence agencies.
    Number of security personnel: 12,915
    Budget: $37.2 million (2010 USD)


    Security Authority: 10 agencies, private security consultants, private security companies
    Crime: one of the lowest crime rates and the highest arrest rate among OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries
    Terrorism: The Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) reports that there have been no terrorist attacks of any kind in Korea. Various units ensured no terrorist incidences at past international events held in Korea, and will provide their security expertise for the 2018 Winter Games.
    Number of security personnel: 24,000
    Budget: $32.9 million (2010 USD)

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2018 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

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