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  • Tuesday Talk -- Sochi 2014 President Explains Look of the Games


    Dmitry Chernyshenko unveils the Look of the Games. (Sochi 2014)
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    (ATR) Dmitry Chernyshenko tells Around the Rings the patchwork quilt of 16 separate styles is a way to balance both the diversity and the unity present in modern Russia.

    The newly unveiled Look of the Games can already be seen throughout Sochi as well as on the organizing committee's website and Flickr page.

    Expect to see the bold design on a range of officially licensed products by year's end and on basically everything else associated with the Sochi Winter Olympics by 2014.

    In the meantime, Chernyshenko explains the reasons behind the Look of the Games as well as its future uses.

    Around the Rings: Why was this look chosen?

    Dmitry Chernyshenko: Sochi 2014’s Look of the Games concept celebrates Russia’s incredible cultural diversity. As a melting pot of Russian culture, with more than 100 nationalities living side by side, the city of Sochi will be the perfect focal point for this celebration.

    Russia is more continent than country: 9 time zones, 5000 miles from end-to-end and 160 different ethnic groups and nationalities. Embracing that kaleidoscope of cultures was the philosophy behind our Look of the Games. It is a patchwork quilt of artistic styles drawn from 16 distinct cultures across Russia. Sochi 2014 has stitched together everything that makes up Russia’s history, Russia today, and Russia’s bright future. And we have woven a tapestry that will bring our country together and inspire the world.

    ATR: With many different elements to its design, does the Look of the Games tell too complicated a story for consumers? 

    DC: The message we want to convey is that at Sochi 2014, Russia and the rest of the world will be able to enjoy our diversity, whilst celebrating our unity. This design helps us do that in a visually striking and accessible way. It is definitely not too complicated.

    The range of color and the vibrancy, the patterns that might clash but somehow complement: it all contributes to a visual feel that matches our philosophy, whether or not you know about Gzhel pottery or Kubachi metalwork.

    Of course, if people do want to delve a little deeper into our inspiration, we have the stories to tell on the 16 cultural styles that we’ve drawn upon.

    ATR: When will Sochi 2014 begin to use the Look of the Games?

    DC: We have already started integrating the Look of the Games – because it represents such an important aspect of Sochi 2014, we want it to be a big part of everything we do from now on.
    Omega's countdown clock to the Paralympics is emblazoned with the Look of the Games. (Sochi 2014)

    The new design was prominent at our “1,000 Days to Go” celebrations in every corner of Russia on May 14. There were thousands of events nationwide, but one of my personal favorites was the unveiling of the Omega Clock in Sochi. It is ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Winter Games in 2014, with a modern, dynamic design that reflects the best of “New Russia” whilst paying homage to our traditions. has now also been redesigned to incorporate the Look of the Games. It is one of our key portals for connecting and engaging with young people all over the world; that makes it a great way of introducing our Look of the Games and what it means to us.

    ATR: How will the Look of the Games be used for products in Russia?

    The Look of the Games is sure to feature heavily on official merchandise. (Sochi 2014
    DC: The Look of the Games concept was designed in close collaboration with Bosco, but all the rights belong to the Sochi 2014 organizing committee. That means that the official Sochi 2014 licensees are able to use the design.

    One of the great benefits of this eclectic concept and the range of colors is that it gives Sochi 2014 marketing partners and licensees an unprecedented degree of design freedom. So whether it is for window dressings or point-of-sale materials, they will be able to create powerful visual displays that really capture the spirit of the Games as well as the imagination of the entire country.

    The first licensed products will be on sale towards the end of this year, primarily from the Sochi 2014 online store.

    ATR: What about products outside of Russia?
    Audi is among the official licensees able to incorporate the new Look of the Games into future product design and branding. (Sochi 2014)

    DC: Right now, our priority market is Russia. Sochi 2014 can be a catalyst for profound change nationwide, but to realize that potential the Russian people must be emotionally invested. That is why we have started this program of events designed to make sure the passion for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games sweeps the country.

    From our mascot competition to our groundbreaking Paralympic Awareness Program to our recent “1,000 Days to Go” celebrations, Sochi 2014 is engaging, inspiring and uniting the nation. This new Look of the Games design will help us give all these events a really strong identity and help the people of Russia build a powerful affinity with Sochi 2014.

    Interview conducted by Ed Hula.

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