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  • MP Blasts Olympic Sponsors; Putin Targets Sochi Ice Hockey Success


    MP Blasts Dow, Olympic Sponsors

    A member of Parliament from Hackney says three Olympic sponsorships are a “grotesque contradiction” of London 2012 aims.
    Dianne Abbott is an MP from the Olympic borough of Hackney. (Getty Images)

    The Hackney Gazette reports that shadow public health minister Dianne Abbott slammed sponsorships of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and, specifically, Dow Chemical.

    "These Olympics were meant to be about a fitter Britain, but they've got a series of sponsors associated with ill health and death,” Abbott said.

    A number of human rights organizations and Indian athletes say Dow Chemical is responsible for an industrial disaster in 1984. A facility owned by Union Carbide India Limited spewed toxins into the Indian city of Bhopal, killing thousands.

    In 2001, Dow Chemical bought Union Carbide, which owned the majority of the stocks of the company responsible at the time of the incident.

    Abbott is one of many now criticizing Dow’s Olympic partnership.

    "You've got Coca Cola, you've got McDonald’s hamburgers which are the key culprit for childhood obesity, and now you've got Dow that was once responsible for killing 15,000 people,” she claimed.

    "It's just a grotesque contradiction in terms to talk about the Olympics, but to have so many sponsors who have negative connotations when it actually comes to good health."

    Putin Eyes Russian Gold in Sochi

    Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin is already cheering on the country’s ice hockey team to gold in Sochi.
    Vladimir Putin speaks to Russia's national hockey team. (

    Speaking at a ceremony for the national team and its new coach, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, Putin said: “All of us understand how much ice hockey means to you.

    “Your lives are inextricably linked with ice hockey. It is a special sport for millions of Russian people who love ice hockey. The entire country – I am not exaggerating – will look forward to a brilliant performance and the contest during the Olympic Games at home, in this country," he added. 

    “This is a huge challenge for both the future members of the national team and its coach. We must make every effort to make it possible for both the ice hockey team and the national Olympic team to train and to succeed.”

    Putin said at the start of his speech that Russian hockey supporters “always expect a victory” and “this is how it should be.”

    Peru, China Ink deal

    The Olympic Committee of Peru and the Chinese Olympic Committee signed a four-year deal to develop sports exchanges between the two countries.

    A statement on the IOC website says Peruvian NOC president Jose Quiñones González and COC vice president Duan Shijie signed the deal in Lima as a follow-up to Quiñones’ visit to Beijing during the 14th World Conference on Sport for All in Beijing in September.

    Kayaker Released from Prison

    Olympian Nathan Baggaley is out of jail after serving four years for making and distributing ecstasy.

    According to local press, the Australian kayak star was originally sentenced to nine years behind bars but was released from prison Sunday once his “non-parole” period expired.

    Baggaley won two silver medals in 2004 at the Athens Olympics before testing positive for steroids in 2005 and being banned from the sport. Two years later he was arrested for manufacturing and dealing ecstasy.

    For the next two-and-a-half years, he will take alcohol and drug tests as part of his parole. He is also barred from joining any sporting, surfing or youth organizations without consent from his supervising officer.

    Media Watch

    A column by Tim Dahlberg for The Associated Press says officials at the boxing federation, AIBA, are “sexist” for wanting women boxers to wear skirts at the Olympics.

    CNBC published a report asking if the 2012 Olympics will be an economic blessing or curse for the U.K.

    Written by Ann Cantrell.

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