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  • BP Ad Campaign Award; McDonald's Groundbreaking; AIDS Fundraiser


    Paralympian Stefanie Reid is supported by BP. (BP)
    BP Award for Olympic Campaign

    BP is being honored for its Olympic television and media campaign.

    Its 2012 Olympic Ambassadors campaign includes short films about disabled athletes who are training for the Paralympics. BP was awarded with an Ability Media International Award for this program that was hailed by the judges as inclusive.

    “As part of BP’s role as a partner of the London 2012 Games, we have chosen to support six outstanding athletes, three of whom are disabled,” said BP’s director of brand Duncan Blake.

    “We have set out from the start to treat all six athletes as equals and to portray them in a powerful way as we tell the story of how BP is working behind the scenes to help make the Games a success.”

    Groundbreaking for McDonald’s Restaurant in London

    The McDonald's groundbreaking crew. (McDonald's)
    McDonald’s broke ground on the first of its four Olympic Park restaurants this week.

    Richard Forte, the company’s U.K. chief operating officer, and some of the managers for the Olympic restaurants were on hand for the ceremony.

    The managers will lead 2000-member squad in the four restaurants next summer. The rest of the employees will be selected from McDonald’s fast food chains around the U.K.

    McDonald’s will construct a 3,000-square-meter, two-story restaurant with 1,500 seats in Olympic Park.
    World Cup Soccer Ball for Sale

    Victor Mooney. (Getty Images)
    A 2010 World Cup soccer ball is being auctioned off online to promote AIDS awareness.

    On Sunday, the soccer ball will be listed on Ebay with an opening bid of $10,000. The funds raised will go towards a rowboat that will take Victor Mooney, the executive director of South African Arts International, across the Atlantic Ocean to promote AIDS prevention.

    Mooney will carry three other balls with him that he will return to FIFA in New York after completing his challenge.

    The campaign will end on World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

    Written by Ann Cantrell.

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