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  • Lausanne Notebook - Torch Relay to Dublin; IOC Confident in 2012 Olympic Hosts


    2012 Torch Relay to Dublin

    London 2012's torch relay will stop in Dublin, Ireland on June 6.
    Dublin can expect to receive the Olympic torch June 6. (Getty Images)

    Gilbert Felli, IOC Executive Director for the Olympic Games, made the announcement at a press briefing following a morning meeting of the IOC Executive Board.

    Organizing committees for all upcoming Games except PyeongChang 2018 presented to the EB on Thursday morning. All the Games are “on pace” according to Felli.

    Felli said LOCOG presented the relay plan to the EB, and the visit to Ireland follows tradition with the flame stopping in neighboring countries.

    “Knowing the sensitivity of the issue here, we wanted to make sure all the governments were very in the loop, and different partners and security and others were in the loop," he told reporters. 

    “Following this analysis, it’s why it’s taken a bit of time to present this to the IOC.

    “It’s a normal process.”

    Snow in Innsbruck

    Felli said the IOC has received confirmation of snow in Innsbruck, host of next month's inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games.
    The Winter YOG will take flight Jan. 13. (Getty Images)

    “That was kind of a relief for us,” he said. “That was one of our main risks.”

    European ski resorts have had a mild winter so far with very little snow.

    Felli added that the IOC has worked closely with Innsbruck 2012 to ensure the Winter YOG goes off flawlessly.

    The opening ceremony will take place at Innsbruck’s ski jumping venue, the third time it's hosted an Olympic opening ceremony. IOC members and “most of the Olympic Family” will have to stand for the event, Felli said.

    No Specific London Concerns

    Felli said transportation remains the “biggest question mark” regarding London. The city is infamous for its traffic.
    "We're always tense seven months before the Games," said Felli. (ATR)

    “We have to pay a special tribute to London transportation,” he said. “They did an excellent job of trying to understand every aspect of London transportation.

    “They have made calculations and simulation of almost every roundabout and every crossroad in London to understand the traffic load.”

    Bu with only a few months until the 2012 Games, the IOC is not breathing easy yet.

    “There are no particular concerns vis-à-vis the organizing committee, vis-à-vis the process, vis-à-vis everything we prepare," Felli said.

    "However, as you know we’re always tense seven months before the Games. It’s very complex to put together.”

    2020 Protocol Order

    The 2020 bid cities have their protocol order set.

    Drawn randomly, the order is Istanbul, Tokyo, Rome, Baku, Doha and Madrid.

    When the cities make presentations, they will follow that order.

    With reporting in Lausanne from Ed Hula III.

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