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  • IOC Eases 2020 Promotion Restriction; Bids in Innsbruck; South Africa 2024


    IOC Relaxes Ban on Promotion of 2020 Olympic Bids

    The IOC backtracks on plans to cut international promotion for 2020 Olympic bids by allowing the six cities to speak at the Association of National Olympic Committees general assembly in Moscow.

    Around the Rings has learned that the IOC's bidding relations department sent a letter to Baku, Doha, Istanbul, Madrid, Rome and Tokyo saying it was "exceptionally" offering the cities 10-minute presentation slots at the ANOC.

    Each will have six delegate accreditations for the important showcase of their plans to the gathering of global NOCs. But the bids are banned from distributing promotional material at the meeting.

    No 2020 promotion was originally foreseen until next January under new bidding rules approved at the IOC Executive Board meeting last spring, although the bidders will have a significant presence on the sidelines of the London Olympics. The IOC had tightened the regulations to reduce the constant travel that can cause a summer Olympic bid budget to soar close to $100 million.

    ATR understands that pressure was put on the IOC to back down on its severe restrictions for 2020 promotion at the applicant bid city seminar in November.

    The bidders told ATR they were pleased with the IOC's decision to backtrack, allowing them to launch their promotional campaigns at the April ANOC assembly.

    "We have an opportunity to create some opinion ahead of the May 23 cut [shortlisting of candidate cities]," a bid consultant told ATR.

    The IOC denied it had made a major U-turn in its efforts to reduce the cost burden on bidders.

    Speaking exclusively to ATR, IOC Olympic Games executive director Gilbert Felli said it was "not a big change”.

    But he admitted that this was the first time applicant cities have been allowed to make presentations so early in any bid race.

    “It was done because the calendar of ANOC meetings made this one the only one where the cities could present," he said.

    Felli said he did not think this would lead to any more changes to the schedule for 2020 international promotion.

    This means that other international events where cities have usually presented their bids are still outside out of bounds for promotion this year. These include the general assemblies for the European Olympic Committees, Pan American Sports Organization and Olympic Council of Asia.
    The IOC vote for the host city takes place at the Session in Buenos Aires in September 2013.

    2020 Bid Cities at Work in Innsbruck

    Teams from the cities in the race for the 2020 Summer Games have found irresistible the call of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck.
    Tokyo 2020 international relations chief Akiko Nagase and bid chair Masato Mizuno. (ATR)

    All six bids have sent representatives to Innsbruck – two credentials per bid.

    While IOC rules have banned international promotion ostensibly until next January, that hasn’t halted any of the cities from conducting press interviews or chatting with IOC members in the close confines of a lounge outside the IOC hotel restaurant where all can be observed.

    Buttressed by credentials for NOC staff who are involved with the bid, Rome seemed to have the largest presence in Innsbruck, followed by Tokyo and Madrid. Istanbul, Doha and Baku kept a lower profile. Indeed, Baku’s CEO had a sudden change of plans and won’t be in Innsbruck for a day or two more.

    All six are in the final stages of preparing the dossiers on the main points of their bids, due at the IOC Feb.15.

    South Africa 2024 Bid

    IOC member Sam Ramsamy tells Around the Rings to expect a bid from South Africa for the 2024 Games.

    “South Africa has always looked forward to hosting an Olympic Games. The dream is still there for us,” says Ramsamy in Innsbruck where he is attending the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

    “We’re waiting for 2013, after the decision of which city will host the 2020 Games to begin the process,” he says.

    While South Africa considered a race for 2020 on the back of the 2010 World Cup, the government decided not to put forward a candidate.

    Ramsamy also suggested that the next bid from South Africa may take advantage of the new IOC policy of considering alternative dates for the Games. Doha, Qatar will propose dates in October 2020 as a way to beat the heat. Ramsamy says South Africa would propose October dates to move from July and August, the cold months of the Southern Hemisphere winter.
    A screenshot of the latest Baku 2020 advertisement. (ATR)

    Baku Video on You Tube

    Check out a 30-second spot prepared by the Baku bid now posted on You Tube that features the new logo for the Azeri bid.

    Written and reported by Mark Bisson, Ed Hula and Brian Pinelli.

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