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  • Guadalajara chosen over Monterrey for 2018 Youth Olympic Games


    The Mexican Olympic Committee chose the city of Guadalajara to represent Mexico before the IOC in search of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games after listening to presentations from both candidate cities. Guadalajara and Monterrey are, after Mexico City, Mexico’s largest and most progressive cities and both presented excellent and very feasible candidacies since they practically have all the sports infrastructure required for the Youth Olympics.

    The decision to give Guadalajara the nod was based on the very successful hosting of the Pan American Games last October and based on the fact that Guadalajara now has all of the facilities with the capacity that would be needed for the Youth Olympics. Additionally the village project is based on closing down the area and hotels around the Expo Guadalajara, where all the culture and education activities as well as the Village Center and Dining Hall would be housed. So Guadalajara could practically host the Games next month with almost no capital investment.

    Guadalajara also has an experienced team led by Dr. Carlos Andrade with all the Games experience and key people in all the functional areas. The huge success of the Pan American Games was in a large part due to the 8,000 young and enthusiastic volunteers that would jump at an opportunity to be a part of the Olympic experience once again.

    In addition, spectator attendance during the Pan American Games set an all time record at close to 90% of capacity in all events. This would guarantee that all sports in the YOG would have large crowds to support the young athletes.

    Security in Guadalajara is fortunately not a major concern as the clean slate in the Pan Ams proved and the Youth Olympics will have the full governmental support at all levels based on the positive energy generated at the Pan Am Games.

    The Mexican Olympic Committee will submit Guadalajara’s name to the IOC at the end of this month.

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