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  • On-the-Scene: Path Set for Mario Vazquez Rana Reelection


    Mario Vazquez Rana on Tuesday. (ATR)
    (ATR) The ruling Pan American Sports Organization Executive Committee met peacefully in Mexico City on Tuesday..

    Speaking to Around the Rings, Gunilla Lindberg, present in her role as secretary general of the Association of National Olympic Committees said the peaceful tone was welcome.

    “After everything I’ve been reading that it was complete war, it was a good meeting,” she said. “There was good dialogue.”

    Rumors had circulated that a challenge may be brewing against incumbent PASO president Mario Vazquez Rana. Within the EC, however, Vazquez Rana found only support.

    “Everybody was speaking up in support,” Lindberg said.

    “Everybody wants to come together because this is not good for the Olympic Movement.

    “Mario has meant a lot to the sports movement here. It was a very very soft meeting.”

    One topic the EC discussed was how to proceed with the election for PASO President. The EC decided to let the General Assembly decide how to proceed, which could be interpreted as a sign of confidence that Vazquez Rana will another term.

    The PASO EC meets in a closed-door session. (ATR)
    Still, she said she could not predict what might happen during Wednesday’s General Assembly.

    Lindberg addressed the EC in her role as ANOC secretary general on preparations for next months’ ANOC Assembly in Moscow.

    “It’s a huge meeting,” she said.

    “We are happy today because we only have four countries that have registered, all the PASO countries are there.

    Last minute preparations for the PASO General Assembly. (ATR)
    “We will have two hours from LOCOG, I’m sure they will have a lot of questions. Its also the first opportunity for Applicant Cities to present.”

    Lindberg also touted the accomplishments of PASO and the organization’s imporatence in the Olympic Movement.

    PASO has seen a continued improvement in the quality of competition at its marquee event—the Pan American Games—leading to increased revenue from the Games enabling PASO to maintain and grow programs within the Americas.

    “It’s huge, those Games it seems like they are growing. With the TV rights and the money coming in, I think this continent has done a lot.”

    Written and reported in Mexico City  by Ed Hula III.

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