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  • On the Scene at SportAccord - ASOIF Presidency, IOC EB Seat Up for Election


    Francesco Ricci Bitti has "more than enough" IFs backing him, he told Around the Rings last month in Moscow. (ATR)

    (ATR) Tops on the agenda for Tuesday's general assembly of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations is to sort out the leadership changes imminent atop ASOIF.

    Francesco Ricci Bitti of the International Tennis Federation is standing unopposed in the presidential election and says he has the backing of “more than enough” federations to be confident in his confirmation.

    The IOC member from Italy was the only candidate to come forward to replace Denis Oswald by ASOIF's nominations deadline of May 7.

    Oswald steps down from the post at year's end, leaving Ricci Bitti to serve a four-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2013.

    Still to be decided is who will replace Oswald as ASOIF's representative on the IOC Executive Board, another matter for Tuesday's meeting on the sidelines of SportAccord.

    IOC age limits prevent Ricci Bitti, 70, from taking up the position, so boxing president C.K. Wu and cycling chief Pat McQuaid are stepping forward to jockey for the seat.

    After a decision at Sunday's meeting of the ASOIF Council to put the prize up for vote at the general assembly, both will spend the next 24 hours shaking hands and pitching their candidacies to fellow Summer Olympic federation leaders.
    C.K. Wu arrives Monday to the Quebec City Convention Center. (ATR)

    Wu tells ATR he already counts enough supporters among the 28 sports to feel confident in his election.

    He says his seniority as an IOC member and his track record of uniting the International Boxing Association around his reforms should give him the upper hand on McQuaid.

    “[The EB seat] is a position for leaders,” he tells ATR, citing the growth of World Series of Boxing and next year's launch of AIBA Professional Boxing as proof of his abilities.

    McQuaid, on the other hand, is focusing on his history within ASOIF as well as his many roles within the larger Olympic Movement.
    Pat McQuaid, president of the International Cycling Union. (ATR)

    “My intention would be [...] primarily to look after the interests of all ASOIF members,” he tells ATR, citing his status as IOC member, IF president, ASOIF Council member, ASOIF VP and an ASOIF representative on WADA's Executive Board and Foundation Board.

    “As such, [I] have contributed at Council meetings on the important topics presently faced by all ASOIF members,” he adds.

    The IOC Session in London will be asked to approve the ASOIF representative elected Tuesday to sit on the EB.

    With reporting in Quebec City by Matthew Grayson

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