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  • UPDATED: 2020 Bids in Amsterdam; Furlong Suit; Coates on Armstrong


    2020 Bids in Amsterdam

    Following the IOC’s 8th World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education in Amsterdam, 2020 bid cities say they’re finding new ways to involve the youth of their countries.

    Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo were each present for the conference. 

    With 20 million citizens under 20 in Turkey, Istanbul 2020 says it has “fresh ideas” for a youth-oriented Games legacy.
    “Turkey has the youngest and fastest growing population in Europe, producing 700,000 university graduates a year,” said Nese Gundogan, director of international relations for Istanbul 2020.

    “43% of the country’s population is under 25. Istanbul would be an incredible stage to host the Olympic Games, leaving a lasting legacy of innovation and education programs that will create a new generation of athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders in sport, from Turkey and around the world.”

    Madrid 2020 noted in its statement “young people are the engine of the Olympic movement.”

    Theresa Zabell, Madrid 2020 CEO for international relations, said: “We have been at really interesting sessions which underlined the role of the family in transmitting values associated with sport.

    “The younger generation is the future. They are going to help us get ahead, not only in the realm of sport, but also when it comes to our whole country.”

    “At Madrid 2020 we are working hard to inculcate Olympic ideals in our young people and encourage them to share in our unique project, which they can tell their children and their children’s children about.”

    UPDATE: In a statement emailed to Around the Rings, Tokyo 2020 CEO Masato Mizuno says the conference's ideals aligned with the bid's vision. 

    “Japan’s culture has an inherent passion for sport and the Olympic Values. Excellence, respect and friendship are values that Japanese people live and share on a day-to-day basis. So the Conference themes, which focus on the intersection of sports and culture and the importance of the Olympic Values, have resounded exceptionally well with the Tokyo 2020 delegation," Mizuno said.

    He added: "It’s always heartening to see the direct involvement of youth who are at the heart of so many important Olympic Movement initiatives.

    "We praise the work of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education. If Tokyo is selected to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, we will be sure to infuse our culture of innovation throughout the Games, and to leave a legacy for sport in society in Japan and abroad.”

    Former VANOC Chief Sues Paper

    John Furlong during Vancouver 2010. (Getty Images)
    The former head of VANOC is suing a newspaper over its recent report saying John Furlong abused pupils during his tenure as a teacher.

    According to a statement, Georgia Straight reporter Laura Robinson, publisher Daniel McLeod and editor Charlie Smith are the targets of the lawsuit.

    In a Sept. 27 report, the paper published accounts and affidavits from former students claiming Furlong physically and verbally abused them when he served as a physical education teacher in northern British Columbia in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    Furlong has denied the allegations.

    “Now that this matter is before the courts, Mr. Furlong and his counsel will not be available for public comment,” Furlong’s spokesperson Catherine Locke said in a statement.

    IOC EB Member, CAS President Wants to Strip Armstrong Medal

    John Coates, a member of the IOC Executive Board, said he hopes his colleagues strip Lance Armstrong of his bronze medal at next week’s EB meeting.
    A recent Tweet from Lance Armstrong shows him at home in Austin with his seven yellow jerseys from the Tour de France. (Getty Images)

    Speaking to The Australian, Coates, who is also president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, said: "I would hope we can deal with it because the evidence (against Armstrong) is overwhelming."

    Armstrong won a bronze at the Sydney 2000 time trial event. That means the statute of limitations has expired.

    "USADA and the UCI went outside the eight-year limit on the basis that the statute doesn't apply if you have broken the law, so I imagine our lawyers will see if that also applies with us," Coates added.

    British Consulate Stages Workshop in Rio

    The British Embassy in Rio de Janeiro is staging a workshop in the 2016 host city this week titled “Hosting Mega-Sporting Events”.

    Brazilian government officials are attending the meeting.

    According to a statement from the city’s Olympics press office, today London 2012 contractors from a variety of fields “speak about their experiences, highlighting opportunities and risks.”

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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