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  • News from the NOCs - India, Kuwait Updates; Changes Ahead in Puerto Rico


    Kuwait enters the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. (Getty Images)
    Kuwait Suspension Remains Possible

    The IOC says it's still possible  the Kuwait Olympic Committee could be suspended by its Executive Board next week.

    On Monday, Kuwait’s parliament passed a sports law guaranteeing autonomy for the NOC, and the country’s IOC member and NOC president said this would prevent its suspension.

    However, an IOC spokesperson said in an email the matter is not settled.

    “We have been made aware of this new decree and we are now waiting for more details from the National Olympic Committee of Kuwait,” the spokesperson said. “This will be discussed during the Executive Board meeting next week.”

    On November 23, the IOC issued a statement saying the NOCs of India and Kuwait would both come under discussion for suspension from the EB.

    Indian Suspension Prevention Suggestion

    Secretary general of the Indian Olympic Association Randhir Singh offered advice on how to avoid IOC suspension.
    Randhir Singh. (Getty Images)

    "I think we can still avoid it by calling off the elections," Singh told Reuters on Thursday. Elections were originally scheduled for Nov. 25 but were pushed back to Dec. 5.

    The IOC said if the elections move forward under a controversial sports law, the IOA runs the risk of suspension.

    "The IOC has clearly said that they will not recognize the election results in the current scenario,” Singh added. “What is the hurry?"

    Singh was a candidate for the post of IOA president but withdrew his candidacy when the news of a possible suspension surfaced. He is also an IOC member.

    Puerto Rico Olympic Committee Changes

    David Bernier, president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR) since 2008, was nominated to the post of Secretary of State for the U.S. Commonwealth island.
    Sara Rosairo at the swimming venue for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. (Javier Gonzalez/M2010)
    Governor-elect Alejandro García Padilla nominated him on Nov. 15, and he is expected to assume the position on Jan. 2.

    The news came on the same day Bernier was supposed to be re-elected COPUR president. The elections were postponed until Dec. 3. Sara Rosario, currently second vice president of COPUR, is the lone nominee. She would become the first female president of COPUR. Rosario has served as chef de mission for Puerto Rican teams.

    In addition to leading Puerto Rico’s state department, the Secretary of State is first-in-line to succeed the Governor.

    Bernier’s previous government experience came from 2005 to 2008 when he served as Secretary of Sport and Recreation. He is an odontologist by profession.
    ... Briefs

    Tsakhia Elbegdorj receives his award. (MNOC)
    …Tsakhia Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia, was awarded the IOC Trophy on Nov. 24. According to a post on the Mongolian Olympic Committee website, Elbegdorj was given the honor for his “tremendous contribution to the development of sport and Olympism in the country," including a life-time stipend for Mongolian Olympians and “the brave initiative in bidding for Continental and Olympic Games in Mongolia.”

    ... Germany’s Alpine Association (DAV) was awarded the IOC Trophy for Sport and Sustainable Development. Michael Vesper, Director General of the German Olympic Committee, presented the award to the DAV at its general assembly.

    ... The presidents of the China and Uzbekistan national Olympic committees met in Beijing on Monday. Liu Peng told his Uzbek counterpart Malik Babaev the two countries' cooperation dates back centuries and thanked him for his support of the Beijing 2008 Olympics and bid. Babaev said he hoped to learn best practices on his trip and implement them in Uzbekistan. The two visited the Beijing National Sports Training Center and the National Research Institute of Sports Science.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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