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  • PASO Opens Treasury, Race for 2019 Games Opens


    The PASO Executive Committee meeting. (ATR/Panasonic Lumix)
    Awash in Cash, PASO Sets to Spend

    With $138 million in the bank, the Pan American Sports Organization is not only increasing payouts to its 41 National Olympic Committees. Key leaders as well as PASO Commissions will now receive stipends or modest budgets.

    Last week, Around the Rings reported that the NOCs of the region would see as much as a 25 percent increase in the support they receive from PASO through the next four years, a little over $1 million for each.

    At the same meeting in Miami last week where the NOC payments were mooted, the PASO Executive Committee also approved for the first time modest stipends to support the work of officers and commissions.

    Each of the three vice presidents and PASO treasurer get $2,000 per month. The secretary general will receive $3,000 per month and EC members $1,000 monthly. There is no stipend for the president.

    Annual budgets of $20,000 are coming for three commissions: athletes, technical and women and sport. Other commissions have $10,000 budgets.

    For more detail on the financial proposals, read the PASO document here.

    Without surprise, PASO delegates say they welcome the increased support, a major boost especially for smaller NOCs. Increased revenue from the IOC flowing from the London Olympics is part of the reason there’s more to send to the grassroots via Olympic Solidarity. Adding to that is the revenue PASO receives from the
    Mario Vazquez Rana. (ATR/Panasonic Lumix)
    Pan American Games.

    Presidential Race Three Years Away, Three Contenders

    As reported here last week as well, PASO President Mario Vazquez Rana says he wants to seek reelection to an 11th term in 2015 when he’s 83. He was first elected in 1975.

    His declaration to ATR comes after two potential other candidates have emerged. Richard Peterkin, IOC member and St. Lucia NOC president is one, Dr. Joaquin Puello, ex-president of the Dominican Republic NOC and 2003 Pan Am Games.

    Both apparently will keep a low profile for now. In Miami last week Peterkin told Around the Rings he is not actively campaigning but remains interested in the post. Puello was not in Miami and current Dominican NOC President Luis Mejia tells ATR that Puello is keeping quiet for now about his ambitions.

    Four Cities Possible for 2019 Pan American Games Race

    The race for the 2019 Pan Am Games will formally begin at the end of January when candidates must submit their application.

    The field is expected to include: Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; La Punta, Argentina and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Although rumored, a bid from Miami is not expected, especially with the USOC declining to support a bid while it is in the process of deciding to launch an Olympic bid.

    The race for 2019 will be short. The election will come in October at the PASO General Assembly in Toronto, host of the 2015 Pan Ams.

    Written by Ed Hula.

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