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  • IOC EB Tackles London Ticketing, Athens Doping, Sochi Preps


    (ATR) The IOC is set to deal with “four or five” National Olympic Committees and authorized ticket resellers (ATRs) in a report on the distribution of London 2012 tickets at Wednesday's meeting of the Executive Board.
    EB members Craig Reedie, Ser Miang Ng and Sam Ramsamy prepare for Wednesday's meeting. (ATR)

    An announcement on Lance Armstrong’s time trial bronze medal from Sydney 2000 and the decisions of the Athens 2004 doping cases are also expected later today in Lausanne.

    A presentation was also made by the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee with preparations described as being “in a good place” as the IOC entered the second and final day of its EB.

    London 2012 Tickets: NOCs to be Dealt With

    The NOCs and ATRs at the center of the London 2012 ticketing investigation will be named when the IOC Ethics Commission publishes its report on Wednesday.

    A larger group of NOCs and ATRs will work with the IOC in an effort to improve the operational aspects of allocating tickets.
    IOC communications director Mark Adams. (ATR)

    A special committee has also been tasked with investigating the structure and strategy of ticketing and will report back to the IOC in May.

    “I think it’s useful to say that the vast majority of NOCs and ATRs did a really good job of giving tickets to people who needed them, and where that hasn’t happened we have dealt with the people who needed to be dealt with,” said IOC communications director Mark Adams.

    “We’re looking into how we can improve the processes of a slightly larger number of ATRs and NOCs that we can work with and improve the process.”

    The NOCs and ATRs investigated by the Ethics Commission will be named later Wednesday, and Adams explained that Commission members spoke with all the people they wanted to.

    “The Ethics Commission decided that [the four or five main cases] were the more serious cases. Most ATRs and NOCs did a good job but there is a small group that will be dealt with.”

    The committee that will look into the ticket sales process will consist largely of IOC members with the possibility of representatives from LOCOG and other NOCs being called in to offer their opinions on whether ticketing can be improved.

    The recommendations will only take effect for Rio 2016, however, with Sochi 2014 set to launch its ticketing process early next year.

    “I think there will be closer scrutiny by everyone,” Adams added. “If they weren’t aware of the rules, they should be now.”

    Lance Armstrong with his Olympic medal. (Getty Images)
    Athens Doping Cases Set to Learn Fate

    The athletes who returned positive doping tests from the Athens 2004 Olympics will learn their fate Wednesday with the decision expected to be announced.

    All four were on the podium at the Games, but they may be stripped of their medals if the decision goes against them.

    However, a decision on whether to strip Lance Armstrong of his Sydney 2000 bronze medal is yet to be made, although an announcement is expected.

    Sochi Preparations Going Well, Still Work to Do

    EB members were also given an update on the preparations for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, with work still to be done in some areas.

    “The venues seem to be more or less ready, and their ticketing process will be launching in the New Year,” Adams said.

    “It’s clear that Sochi is moving into a delivery phase. Are they in a good place? Yes. Do they have work to do? Yes.”

    The meetings are taking place at the Lausanne Palace Hotel after IOC headquarters in Vidy were flooded last month. It was confirmed Wednesday that the IOC expect to be back in the office in the first week of January.

    Reported in Lausanne by Nick Winn.

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