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  • 2022 Olympic Bid Timetable Revealed


    (ATR) July 31, the height of summer in tropical Kuala Lumpur, will be the focus of the winter sports world in 2015 as a host of the 2022 Olympics is selected.
    The Petronas Towers, once the world's tallest buildings, are Kuala Lumpur's most famous landmarks. (Getty Images)

    Documents obtained by Around the Rings show the IOC’s timeline for bidding for the Games – the first public confirmation of the details.

    Few dates are settled upon due to the nascent nature of the bid. However, the process is indeed underway, as the IOC distributed its “first information circular letter” to National Olympic Committees in October 2012.

    NOCs have until Nov. 14 to submit the names of their bid cities to the IOC – a little less than 10 weeks after the IOC selects its 2020 host city Sept. 7 in Buenos Aires. 

    At this juncture, no cities are formally bidding, but several have expressed interest or are waiting for government or voter approval before proceeding. Almaty, Kazakhstan; Barcelona, Munich and Oslo are some of the cities expected to bid or pending approval, while bids from Poland, Switzerland and the Ukraine are also being finalized. A quixotic bid from Zhangjiakou to jointly apply with Beijing was reported; however, there seems to be little interest from Beijing or Chinese authorities for such a play. 

    Whichever cities end up bidding will then head to IOC headquarters in Lausanne from Dec. 4 to 6 for the Applicant Cities Seminar, where they will learn more about the bid process.

    Applicant cities will then be allowed to participate in the Sochi 2014 Observer Program and will submit their Application File to the IOC on March 14.

    The IOC Executive Board will decide which cities to approve as candidate cities at its July 2014 meeting, as of yet to be confirmed, marking the transformation of the Applicant Phase to the Bid Phase.

    January 2015 will be the traditional time when Candidature Files and Guarantees are due.

    Evaluation Commission visits are scheduled for February and March of 2015, with a report to IOC members either in May or June of 2015.

    The cities will then learn their fate on July 31 of that year during the 127th IOC Session in the Malaysian capital.

    Around the Rings will be on the scene for the duration of the process, providing the best Olympics coverage.

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    Written by Ed Hula III.

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