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  • Gwangju 2015 Universiade Legacy Program


    The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Organizing Committee (GUOC 2015) has been promoting the Legacy Programme to make it realize the social value through the hosting of the GU 2015.

    Hosting mega sporting events is expected to remain a great deal of legacy in the aspects of economic, social, and environmental effects to the host cities or even to the global point of views. Particularly, the GU 2015 is promoting the special legacy programme focusing on the social effect which has not gained that much of attention so far in such sporting events.

    The Legacy Programme of Gwangju is designed to upbuild the Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire(FISU) and to inspire the spirit of Universiade as well as to remain sustainable legacy for developing the worldwide universities in sports.

    The GUOC 2015 has made the agreement with the FISU on the development of the programme in May 2010, and determined the Legacy Programme last March through the compromising process.

    The Legacy Programme includes 4 of those following projects such as developing anti-doping textbooks, fostering sports journalists and women sports leaders for next generations, and uniting North and South Korean teams in collaboration with the UN and GUOC 2015.

    The development of the anti-doping textbook is to raise the social awareness on doping to be used in the worldwide universities.
    *Anti-doping is against for taking drugs on purpose of enhancing physical abilities abnormally by doping

    The GUOC 2015 has confirmed the promoting schedule on the project after conferring with the FISU and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), then now they are developing the textbook draft.

    It will be contributed to fostering the free doping environment as the first ever developing project on comprehensive anti-doping textbook targeted university students to help them become aware of the harm of doping, eventually to enhance the youths' physical and mental health.

    The Young Reporters' Programme is to provide the opportunity with the university students to be professional sports journalists promoting together with the FISU and the International Sports Press Association(AIPS).

    The programme is expected to attract more interest in the Universiade and participation in sports by providing experts training courses and on spot reporting experiences.
    In addition, it will be contributing to development of university sports through sharing the expertise in sports with the students.

    The Young Women Sports Leaders' Programme is a type of mentoring project to foster women leaders with the matters of quality and quantity by encouraging the young women leaders to pay attention on sports and to participate actively, especially as the age of that their crucial roles are emerging.
    The Formation of the United Korean Team is a project to arrange the united Korean team for the first time in the history of multi-sporting events with the role of arbitration of the UN, and it is currently on the process of the specific project since the GUOC and the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace(UNOSDP) made the agreement last July.

    The GUOC 2015 has been specially focusing on 'Development of the anti-doping textbook' and 'Formation of the united Korean team' among those of four programmes, and the rest of them is seen to be specified within this year being in consultation now between relevant institutes including FISU.

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