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  • IOC Impressed with Lillehammer; Taekwondo Awards World Champs


    IOC Impressed with Lillehammer

    The IOC’s 2016 Youth Olympic Games Coordination Commission paid its second visit to host city Lillehammer this week, noting “impressive progress” on the project.
    Lillehammer mayor Espen Johnson (right) and 14-year-old Norwegian Mathea Tofte with the Olympic flag. (Innsbruck 2012)

    Meetings took place in Gjovik, host of short track events, with updates on the venue master plan, staff hiring, work on the Youth Olympic Village and other topics.

    “This is a crucial time for LYOGOC as they start building the foundations for their project and establishing their vision, mission, and ambition for the YOG 2016,” said Coordination Commission Chair Angela Ruggiero.

    “Already, they have demonstrated a full understanding of the YOG spirit, working with students and young people from the region, and their vision is very well in line with the IOC vision of the YOG.”

    The 2016 YOG is scheduled for Feb. 26 through March 6.

    IOC Blasts “Illegal” Elections

    The IOC is denouncing “completely illegal” elections in Pakistan.
    Pakistan enters the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. (Getty Images)

    A rival Pakistan Olympic Association calling itself the “interim committee” and claiming legitimacy over the Olympic Movement in Pakistan called for new elections on July 5.

    However, in a statement to Around the Rings, an IOC spokesperson said it will not recognize the elections.

    “The elections are completely illegal and clearly go against the position of the IOC, which we have communicated to this group on more than one occasion,” the statement said.

    “It is important to note that the legitimate POA has done nothing wrong. The 'interim committee' is acting outside of the legitimate POA and we encourage them to raise any problems that they may have within the legal structure and competent bodies of the POA.”

    Following the May 30 IOC Executive Board meeting, the EB warned the breakaway group a suspension from the Olympic Movement is possible if the group continues to “disrupt the operations” of the recognized POA and ignore communication from the IOC.

    Taekwondo Awards World Champs

    Chelyabinsk will stage the 2015 World Taekwondo Championships.

    The city in central Russia beat out bids from Brazil and Vietnam
    Members of the WTF Council meet inside the Salle de Coubertin at IOC headquarters in Lausanne. (WTF)
    over the weekend at a meeting of the World Taekwondo Federation Council held inside IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

    "For so long we have worked to meet the standards of the IOC,” WTF President Chungwon Choue said in a statement. “As that achievement came within our grasp, we move toward exceeding those standards and setting standards of our own."

    Members of the WTF Council also awarded the 2013 World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships to Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

    Great Britain will host the inaugural World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester in mid-December, and Azerbaijan will stage the 1st World Cadet Taekwondo Championships in 2014 in Baku.

    Written by Ed Hula III and Matthew Grayson.

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