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  • German Medal Target; IPC President Nominated; Offensive Tweets Draw Scrutiny


    Germany Sets Sochi, Rio Medal Target

    Germany hopes to finish third in the medal tally at the Sochi Olympics, and maintain its past performance levels in Rio de Janeiro.

    Germany earned the second-largest medal haul at the Vancouver Olympics. (Getty Images)
    Michael Vesper, secretary general of the DOSB, Germany’s Olympic Committee, announced the goals at a meeting outlining Germany’s performance targets and funding mechanisms.

    "We want the German Olympic team to fight for the top in winter sport as at past Winter Olympics and to reach a podium placing in the unofficial nations ranking," Vesper said, according to a post on the DOSB website.

    At the Vancouver Olympics, Germany won the second highest number of gold and overall medals with 10 and 30, respectively.

    "Despite growing international competition we want to at least maintain our result, or improve it, from the past Olympics at Sochi 2014 and Rio de Janeiro 2016," he added.

    "We aim to continue the positive trend of the German Olympic team – after Beijing 2008 with 41 medals and 69 finals placings, and London 2012 with 44 medals and 81 finals – and to further raise the number of medals and finals placings (in Rio 2016)."

    IPC President Receives Nomination

    Philip Craven of Great Britain. (Getty Images)
    The British Paralympic Association nominated Phillip Craven for reelection as president of the International Paralympic Committee.

    Craven is the only candidate for the position at the moment. The deadline for nominations is Aug. 23.

    Under IPC rules, the BPA cannot comment until nominations are closed. Elections will take place at the IPC General Assembly Nov. 22-24 in Athens.

    Craven has been IPC president since 2001.

    Olympic Wrestler, Turkish Flagbearer Tweets Spark Racism Row

    The NOC of Turkey says it has “zero tolerance” for racist behavior after reports emerged that Olympic wrestler Riza Kayaalp allegedly posted updates on his Twitter account blaming protests in Turkey on Armenians and Greeks.

    Kayaalp was the flagbearer for Turkey last week during the opening ceremony for the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey.

    Kayaalp, 23, is a world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling and a London 2012 bronze medalist.

    “These are the Armenian and Greek dogs,” Kayaalp allegedly wrote on Twitter, along with other offensive posts, says website National Turk. None, however, can be found today. Instead, there’s a comment from Kayaalp
    Riza Kayaalp. (Getty Images)
    referencing the tweets but saying he didn’t make them.

    “We are currently looking into the allegations that Mr Kayaalp posted Tweets of a racist nature as a private citizen on June 8th,” says a statement from the NOC.

    “Mr Kayaalp’s selection as a flag carrier is completely unrelated to this incident and was based on his athletic performance with the decision taken some time ago and before this issue arose.

    “Whilst we understand that Mr Kayaalp has since apologized for any misunderstanding, we will not be commenting further until all the facts in this matter have become clear.

    “In the meantime what we can say is that there is absolutely no place for racism in sport, Turkish sport, or in Turkish society and we have a zero tolerance policy on all forms of racism. We hope that this will not detract from the success of the Mediterranean Games that have brought together thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of spectators from 24 different nations in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.”

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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