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  • London 2012 Legacy; Cookson Tackles Doping; World Games and IAAF Championships


    David Cameron celebrates the 2012 London Olympics legacy. (ATR/Panasonic Lumix)
    British Government Sees 10 Billion GBP Legacy

    What’s the value of London 2012’s legacy? Ten billion British Pounds according to the government.

    A report published on Friday shows 9.9 billion Pounds of a trade and investment boost to the economy following the Olympics.

    The statement announcing the report, called "Inspired by 2012”, says as much as 40 billion Pounds of investment from the Games could be seen by 2040.

    “With companies across the country we are harnessing the Olympic momentum and delivering the lasting business legacy of the Games that will help make Britain a winner in the global race,” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement.

    “But that’s not where the good news ends," he added, “The games are also delivering a strong social legacy. Last summer, Games Makers changed the way Britain views volunteering. Since then, thousands of people have been inspired to get involved with their local sports clubs. Tonight in the park, Join In will launch a summer of events, which will unleash an army of 500,000 people up and down the country to turn up, take part and Join In.”

    Culture Secretary Maria Miller added that these findings are “just the start.”

    “We have a 10 year legacy plan and we must continue to make the very most of the opportunities the Games gave us.”

    Cookson to Tackle Doping Issue
    UCI presidential candidate Brian Cookson hopes to restore the public's faith in cylcing. (Getty Images)

    Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) presidential candidate Brian Cookson will fight doping in cycling through several measures.

    In a statement released today, Cookson reaffirmed his plans to create an independent anti-doping unit.

    “It would report to a board totally independent of the UCI in full cooperation with WADA,” Cookson said.

    Cookson’s statement outlines seven further steps he would take to “recharge the fight against doping.”

    These steps include:
    • Putting an end to the “UCI’s public feuding with anti-doping bodies such as WADA and USADA”
    • Instigating a fully independent investigation into doping in cycling to “deal once and for all with the past, with amnesties/reductions in sanctions, [and] to encourage all those involved to come forward”
    • Ensuring “more transparency, data sharing and co-operation by teams with their national anti-doping body and cycling’s independent anti-doping unit”
    • Creating the role of “independent team compliance officers whose duty will be to report regularly to the independent anti-doping unit”
    • Introducing a “Fit and Proper Person's test in cycling”
    • Supporting “four-year bans for dopers, and pursue doping enablers as well as riders”
    • Expanding the UCI's anti-doping education programs
    Furthermore, Cookson discussed skepticism surrounding this year’s Tour De France.

    “This is deeply frustrating for the riders but, if you look at the past and what our sport has been through, it is not a surprise,” Cookson said.

    He added, “We must act to change this situation so that the public can feel confident and cycling's great performances can be heralded, not disparaged.”

    The UCI will elect its new president on September 27 in Florence, Italy. Brian Cookson is vying for the position against current UCI President Pat McQuaid.

    Cali Kicks Off the 9th Edition of the World Games

    Bichofue Griton is the official mascot for the 2013 World Games. (Getty Images)
    An estimated 35,000 spectators will attend The World Games opening ceremony on Thursday in Cali, Colombia.

    This marks the first time that a city in South America will host the event. Cali previously hosted the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2011.

    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will attend the ceremony alongside other officials such as IOC president Jacques Rogge.

    International World Games Association president Ron Froehlich has high expectations, and said in a statement: "The World Games have undergone an enormous development as a multi-sport event in the new millennium. The ninth edition will prove itself as an important milestone."

    Competition at the World Games will continue until August 4. 201 medal events in 26 official and 5 invitational sports are on the schedule.

    Rugby Sevens will compete in The World Games for the last time. The sport will be on the docket for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

    IAAF Announces Impressive Ticket Sales

    Athletes will compete in front of sold out crowds at the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow. (Getty Images)
    The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announces a sold out final weekend for the IAAF World Championships in Moscow.

    IAAF Secretary General Essar Gabriel said in a statement: “Since the beginning of July, thanks to enhanced promotional campaigns on television, radio, in the press, with billboards throughout the city and most recently, on the Moscow Metro, we have seen a real surge in ticket sales.”

    The 14th edition of the IAAF World Championships will take place August 10 through August 18 at the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium. 2,000 athletes from over 200 nations will compete in front of an estimated five billion television viewers.

    Written by Nicole Bennett

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