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  • 2020 By the Book: Permanent Venues/Temporary Venues


    (ATR) Tokyos’s plan requires the most construction and upgrades, at a total cost of $5.175 Billion; Istanbul follows at $4.685 billion. Madrid has the most venues in place and needs only $1.987 Billion to get Games-ready. In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at plans of Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo for the 2020 Venues.

    Istanbul proposes 37 competition venues, with an average travel time from the Olympic Village to be 16 minutes. The total cost for venues will be $4.685 billion.

    Of the venues 11 (30%) venues are existing, 11 (30%) are planned, 9 (24%) are additional, and 6 (16%) are temporary

    Istanbul Extant Venues:

    11 venues, with 5 requiring upgrades at a cost of $135.1 million

    Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Athletics, Modern Pentathlon): built 2002, requires upgrades
    Atakoy Domes (Basketball): built 2010
    Atakoy Arena (Fencing, Taekwondo): built 2012
    Kadikoy Stadium/Seyrantepe Stadium (Football): built 1982/2011
    Golden Gate Arena (Handball): built 1986, requires upgrades
    Inonu Stadium (Rugby): built 1947, requires upgrades
    Atakoy Marina (Sailing): built 1988, requires upgrades
    Atasehir Arena (Volleyball): built 2012
    National Volleyball Centre
    Congress Valley Auditorium (Weightlifting): built 1947, requires upgrades

    Istanbul Planned Venues:

    Olympic and Paralympic Village: $445.9 million
    Media Village: $650.3 million
    Main Press Centre: $104.6 million
    International Broadcast Centre: $243.2 million
    Bosphorus Stadium (Athletics, marathon, Ceremonies): $474.7 million
    Olympic Diving Stadium: $114.3 million
    Olympic Training Centre Hall 3 (Badminton): $52.8 million
    Olympic Training Centre Hall 1 (Boxing): $53.6 million
    New Ankara Stadium/New Bursa Stadium (Football): $316.6 million/$293.1 million
    Olympic Hockey Centre: $87.5 million
    Olympic Training Centre Hall 2 (Judo, Wrestling): $54.2 million
    Olympic Training Centre Hall 4 (Table Tennis): $52.2 million
    Olympic Tennis Centre: $113.7 million

    Istanbul Additional Venues:

    Bosphorus Rowing Centre (Canoe-Kayak, Rowing): $386.4 million
    Olympic Basketball Centre: $21.5 million
    Olympic Whitewater Stadium (Canoe-Kayak, slalom): $32.3 million
    Olympic Velodrome (Cycling, track): $67.8 million
    Belgrad Forest Cycle Park (Cycling, BMX, mountain): $13.9 million
    National Equestrian Centre: $32 million
    Esenler Golf Club: $45.9 million
    National Arena (Gymnastics): $141.8 million
    National Shooting Centre: $22.4 million

    Istanbul Temporary Venues:

    Bosphorus Archery Park: $8.4 million
    Golden Gate Park (Athletics, race walks, Cycling, road): $13.6 million
    Olympic Water Polo Stadium: $21.4 million
    Olympic Aquatic Centre: $142.6 million
    Golden Gate Marina (Aquatics, swimming marathon, Triathlon): $14.4 million
    Bophorus Beach Volleyball Centre: $15 million

    Madrid proposes 35 venues for a total cost $1.987 Billion

    Of the 35 venues 28 (80%) are Existing, 4 (11.5%) will be additional permanent venues, and 3 (9.5%) temporary venues

    Madrid Extant Venues:
    Of the 28 venues, only three new permanent upgrades at a total cost of $636 million

    CCVM Archery: built 1932
    Madrid Stadium (Athletics): built 1994, requires upgrades
    Aquatic Center (Aquatics): built 2004, requires upgrades
    IFEMA Pavilion 6 (Badminton): built 1991
    Las Ventas (Basketball): built 1929
    IFEMA Pavilion 8 (Boxing): built 1991
    Madrid urban Circuit (Cycling, road): built 1947
    Casa de Campo Circuit (Cycling, mountain bike, Triathlon): built 1998
    La Zarzuela Hippodrome (Equestrian): built 1938, requires upgrades
    IFEMA Pavilion 4 (Fencing): built 1991
    Santiago Bernabeu Stadium/Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium/Nuevo Arcangel Stadium/La Rosaleda Stadium/Jose Zorrilla Stadium/La Romareda Stadium (Football): built 1947/1989/1994/1941/1982/1957
    CCVM Golf Course: built 1932
    Madrid Arena (Handball): built 2004
    Ciudad Real Madrid (Hockey): built 2005
    IFEMA Pavilion 10 (Judo, Taekwondo): built 1991
    CCVM (Modern Pentathlon): built 1932
    Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium (Rugby): built 2005
    Valencia Port (Sailing): built 2006
    IFEMA Pavilion 7 (Table Tennis): built 1991
    Caja Magica (Tennis): built 2009
    Palacio de Deportes (Volleyball): built 2005
    IFEMA Pavilion 3 (Weightlifting): built 1991
    IFEMA Pavilion 9 (Wrestling): built 1991

    Madrid Additional Venues:

    Madrid/Getafe Regatta Centre (Marathon Swimming, Canoe-Kayak, Rowing): $127.5 million
    La Gavia Slalom Course (Canoe-Kayak, slalom): $32.2 million
    Gymnastics Pavilion: $93.7 million
    Paracuellos Shooting Centre: $26.6 million

    Madrid Temporary Venues:

    Velodrome (Cycling): $22.4 million
    Olympic Park BMX Track: $10.7 million
    Retiro Park (Volleyball, beach): $24.3 million

    Tokyo proposes 37 venues at a total cost of $5.175 Billion

    28 of the 33 competition venues are within 8km of the Olympic Village

    Of the 37 venues, 15 (41%) currently exist, where two will benefit from permanent refurbishment required for the 2020 Games. Of the 22 (59%) of venues that need to be built, 11 will be permanent legacies for the city.

    Tokyo Extant Venues:
    Of the 15 venues, only three require upgrades at a total cost of $440 million.

    Nippon Budokan (judo): built 1964, requires upgrades
    Ariake Tennis Park : built 1987, requires upgrades
    IBC/MPC: built 1996, requires upgrades
    Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Table Tennis): built 1990
    Yoyogi National Stadium (Handball): built 1964
    Tokyo International Forum: built 1996
    Kokugikan Arena: built 1985
    Tokyo Big Sight Hall A/Tokyo Big Sight Hall B (Wrestling, Fencing): built 1996
    Dream Island Stadium (Equestrian): built 1995
    Tokyo Stadium (Football, Modern Pentathlon): built 2000
    Kasumigaseki Country Club (Golf): built 1929
    Sapporo Dome/Miyagi Stadium/Saitama Stadium/International Stadium Yokohama: built 2001/2000/2001/1997

    Tokyo Planned Venues:

    Tokyo Olympic Stadium: $1.520 Billion
    Musashino Forest Sport Centre (Modern Pentathlon: fencing): $284 million

    Tokyo Additional Venues:

    Ariake Arena (Volleyball): $201 million
    Seaside Park Hockey Stadium (Hockey): $52 million
    Sea Forest Waterway (Rowing, Canoe-kayak): $101 million
    Wakasu Olympic Marina (Sailing): $114 million
    Kasai Slalom Course (Canoe-Kayak): $36 million
    Youth Plaza Arena A (Badminton)/Youth Plaza Arena B (Basketball): $420 million
    Olympics Aquatics Center (Swimming, Diving, Synchonised Swimming) : $451 million
    Olympic/Paralympic Village: $1.201 Billion

    Tokyo Temporary Venues:

    Imperial Palace Garden (Cycling, road Start): $7 million
    Olympic BMX Course (Clycling, BMX)/Olympic Velodrome (Cycling, track): $74 million
    Olympic Gymnastics Center: $101 million
    Odaiba Marine Park (Triathlon, Aquatics, marathon swim): $17 million
    Shiokaze Park (Beach Volleyball): $14 million
    Sea Forest Cross-Country Course (Equestrian, eventing cross-country): $23 million
    Sea Forest Mountain Bike Course: $15 million
    Water Polo Arena: $0
    Mushashino Forest Park (Cycling, road finish): $15 million
    Asaka Shooting Range: $50 million

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2020 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

    Written by Aaron Bauer

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