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  • Rio, UNEP Launch Sustainability Program; Mayor Voices APO Concerns


    Brazil has some of the world's most important ecosystems. (Getty Images)
    Rio 2016 Sustainability Program Launched

    The United Nations Environmental Program announced on Monday it will team up with Rio 2016 to work on its sustainability program.

    A statement from Rio 2016 says UNEP will provide assistance in a number of ways including “an evaluation plan and mediation around the subject of sustainability between Rio 2016 and civil society.” Following a review of bid proposals and how the organization of Rio 2016 has developed, a second sustainability program will be written.

    “Sport can and should play a leading role in promoting a more sustainable world,” said Rio 2016 President Carlos Arthur Nuzman.

    “Our goal is to integrate sustainability in all organisational processes, reducing the impact of the Games and setting an example of good practice for society as a whole.”

    Denise Hamú, UNEP’s representative in Brazil, reiterated Nuzman’s points saying UNEP is happy to continue its Olympic partnership.

    “An event the size of the Olympic Games is an excellent opportunity to implement and disseminate sustainable practices, and this is no different for the first Olympics in South America, a region so important for biodiversity conservation, which has a vocation for developing low carbon economies,” Hamu said.

    The APO is supposed to coordinate construction projects for the Games, such as the construction of roadways for the Games. (Getty Images)
    Mayor Calls to End APO

    Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes said he’ll ask the federal government to dissolve the APO.

    The organization is responsible for coordinating work on the 2016 Olympics with the three levels of government. Marcio Fortes announced his surprise resignation last week.

    Paes claimed the APO has little to do and the organization’s lack of accountability threatens him.

    "The APO was an attempt to bring the London model here but it hasn`t worked," Paes was quoted by Xinhua News Agency. "We already have three government entities and each one has its responsibilities. The APO is an unnecessary structure.

    "Marcio Fortes was the right person for the job, but it`s obvious that he didn`t have anything to do.

    "I’m not going to delegate my municipal responsibilities for Olympic projects to others. If something goes wrong, the people will be asking for my resignation, not his."

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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