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  • D.C. Bidding for 2024, Phelps Involvement Possible


    Washington D.C. has a population of 630,000 people (Getty Images)
    (ATR) Washington D.C. will explore bidding for the 2024 Olympics.

    On Tuesday, a group called DC 2024 announced the formation of the exploratory committee for the bid. The proposed Olympics would use resources throughout the D.C. metropolitan area, and the states of Maryland and Virginia.

    “With more state-of-the-art sports infrastructure in a 40-mile radius than any other U.S. city, thousands of hotels and lodging options, and a vast and expanding transportation system, the Greater Washington region is one of the best and most qualified in the world to host an event of this magnitude,” DC 2024 president Bob Sweeney said in a statement. “And, most importantly, we offer all this against America’s most historic backdrop.

    “We are pursuing the bid with the support of the Greater Washington community. We have spoken with elected officials throughout the region, business leaders and the local sporting world; all have expressed their enthusiasm and support for our efforts.”

    A U.S. Olympic source tells Around the Rings, Michael Phelps is expected to have a role in the bid as it progresses. The world’s most-decorated Olympian is a native of Baltimore, part of the D.C. Metropolitan area.

    Organizers said the Games could cost between $4 and $6 billion.

    D.C. sought the United States nomination for the 2012 Olympics but failed in that attempt.

    Other U.S. cities considering a 2024 bid include Boston, Dallas Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. The United States Olympic Committee is currently studying a future U.S. Olympic bid and is expected to make a decision on whether to bid next year.

    The IOC will select a 2024 host at the Session in 2017.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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