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  • IOC Update - Appointments Close; New Athletes App; 2014, 2016 Broadcast Rights


    IOC headquarters. (Getty Images)
    New IOC Appointments Close

    Around the Rings has learned that the IOC will name new sports and finance directors within the next two weeks.

    The hotly-anticipated appointments for two key positions in Thomas Bach’s new IOC administration follows several rounds of interviews at IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

    Current sports director Christophe Dubi will succeed Gilbert Felli as Olympic Games executive director next year.

    Caroline Kuyper quit as IOC finance director in March just nine months after being hired. IOC director general Christophe de Kepper has since served as interim head of that department since she left.

    Global executive search firm Odgers Berndtson has led the recruitment process.

    New IOC Athletes App

    The IOC relaunched its app, "The Olympic Athletes' Hub" to coincide with the 100 days to Sochi celebrations.

    The hub added an aggregation of athlete's Instagram feeds to go along with Facebook and Twitter. With the app athletes will be able to text each other and the IOC, connecting Olympians around the globe.

    According to the IOC over 5,000 athletes have already downloaded and joined the hub. The IOC launched a similar hub for the London 2012 Olympics in April 2012.

    “The Olympic Athletes’ Hub is a great way to connect with my fellow skaters and fans from all over the world,” said Olympian Yu Na Kim in a statement to the IOC.

    “I’m looking forward to interacting with them.”

    Portugal Broadcast Rights

    Sport 24 and Portuguese Olympic officials on Tuesday. (COP)
    Sport TV secured the broadcasting rights for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics in Portugal.

    The announcement was made on Oct. 29 at the headquarters of the Portugal Olympic Committee.

    It is the first time the network will have broadcast an entire Olympics exclusively on its platforms. Sport TV will create a special Olympics-dedicated network for its broadcasts, and will reportedly be the largest Olympic broadcast in Portuguese history.

    José Manuel Constantino, president of the Portugal Olympic Committee it was a “proud” day for all Portuguese people.

    Written by Mark Bisson and Aaron Bauer.

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