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  • PyeongChang Paralympic Logo; DOSB Presidential Nominee; European Hockey League Talks


    The PyeongChang Paralympics Logo (PyeongChang 2018)
    PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Logo

    PyeongChang released its logo for the 2018 Paralympics.

    The logo was unveiled at a ceremony at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul on October 29.

    In a statement, PyeongChang 2018 says the logo “embodies aspirations of the Paralympic Movement” and represents the organizing committee’s “New Horizons” slogan.

    The Korean letter symbolizing snow, ice and the Paralympic athletes is repeated twice for the logo. The repetition, PyeongChang 2018 says, represents “a grand festival for the athletes.”

    “Although simple and traditional in its design, this emblem conveys so much about the Paralympic Movement and Korean culture,” said International Paralympic Committee President Philip Craven.
    “It brings everything together and informs us all that in 2018, through the PyeongChang Paralympic Winter Games, Paralympians will create ‘New Horizons’ for millions around the world.”

    Nominee Selected to Lead DOSB

    Alfons Hörmann. (Hörmann Group)
    Alfons Hörmann will become president of the DOSB, Germany’s Olympic committee on Dec. 7.

    The honorary president of the German Ski Federation was selected as the nominee by Germany’s sporting bodies at a meeting in Frankfurt on Tuesday. He must win the election at the DOSB’s meeting in December. No other candidates are expected.

    DOSB secretary general Michael Vesper called Hörmann a “prominent candidate” who is “appreciated” throughout all of Germany.

    Hörmann, 53, replaces Thomas Bach who became IOC president.

    In addition to his duties the ski federation, Hörmann is the managing director of the Hörmann Group. His bio on the firm’s website says the company is one of Europe’s leading clay roof tile manufacturers, and has a staff of around 3500 with turnover of more than $800 million.

    Germany won 3 alpine skiing gold medals at the Vancouver Olympics.

    European Hockey Cup Revival

    A player from SC Bern after they qualified for the Champions Hockey League (Getty Images)
    International Ice Hockey Federation President Rene Fasel travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia to talk about reviving the European Cup.

    Fasel met with Kontinental Hockey League president Alexander Medvedev and SKA Petersburg president Gennady Timchenko to discuss a new premier European-wide competition.

    The IIHF’s only multi-nation club competition is the annual Continental Cup. It is designed for clubs in smaller hockey countries such as France, Belarus, and Italy.

    The last premier European-wide ice hockey competition was the short-lived Champions Hockey League. It’s only season of operation was in 2009. Previously, the European Cup ran from 1965 to 1997.

    Fasel said in a statement to SKA St. Petersburg that the 28 team KHL would be the “bedrock” of any European competition.

    “I really hope that we’ll manage to agree. In the end, it’ll be their decision and the decision of the KHL clubs, whether they want to take part in this project.”

    Written by Ed Hula III and Aaron Bauer.

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