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  • Bach, IOC Members Like 2022 Olympic Bids -- On-the-Scene


    Bach at the WADA conference in Johannesburg today (ATR/E.Hula III)
    (ATR) IOC president Thomas Bach tells Around the Rings the six 2022 bids are “excellent.”

    “We have six excellent candidates,” he said.

    On Friday, the IOC announced Almaty, Beijing, Krakow, Lviv, Oslo and Stockholm as the 2022 bid cities.

    Speaking to ATR on the sidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency conference in Johannesburg, IOC members point out the large field of candidates is good for the Olympic Movement.

    IOC vice president Craig Reedie said: “Six bidding cities - very good ones - is very encouraging.”

    German IOC member Claudia Bokel, and Athletes' Commission chair, echoed Reedie’s feelings saying: “I wish there were more.”

    Gian-Franco Kasper, president of the International Ski Federation, said the IOC is “happy” to have as many candidates as possible.

    British IOC member Craig Reedie, who will be confirmed Friday as the new president of WADA (ATR/E.Hula III)
    principle I believe that all six have the possibility to do it with some adaptions perhaps,” he said offering an initial analysis of the bids.

    Disappointment Over Swiss, Munich Decisions

    While the feeling was unanimous that such a large number of bids was good, members seemed upset that voters in Switzerland and Bavaria rejected bids.

    “I’m sorry to lose Munich,” Reedie said of this weekend’s vote. He said the city’s 2018 bid was "first class".

    Kasper said: “We were disappointed that two top candidates dropped out.”

    Bach, who is from Munich, said: “I think Munich would have been a good candidate.”

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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