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  • Olympic Broadcasting Legend Joins Baku 2015


    Manolo Romero during the London Olympics (ATR)
    (ATR) Olympic broadcasting legend Manolo Romero is joining the Baku 2015 European Olympic Games organizing committee.

    BEGOC made the announcement that it had hired International Sport Broadcasting as the host broadcaster on Friday. ISB was founded by Romero in 1996. He has been in charge of host broadcasting services for seven Olympics, including the London Olympics. Romero is known as the world’s authority on broadcast coverage of the Olympics.  

    According to the BEGOC statement, ISB will be in charge of 1,200 hours of broadcasting including all sports, the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the evening entertainment at the Victory Celebration Plaza. ISB will also manage the sale of broadcasting rights for the European Games.

    “Having a comprehensive broadcast offering is an important part of our strategy to make the inaugural European Games a success, and in ISB we have the perfect partner,” BEGOC CEO Azad Rahimov said.

    “This is very positive news, not only for the inaugural European Games in Baku in 2015 but also for the long-term sustainability of the European Games,” EOC president Patrick Hickey added. “It shows that the European Games is a viable product that can command significant TV audiences, in Europe and around the world. In turn, this will help attract serious commercial partners for future editions."

    Written by Ed Hula III

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