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  • Torch Relay - 14 Things to Know for the Week Ahead


    On Monday, Olympic weightlifter Alla Vazhenina is one of 22 torchbearers who will carry the flame through Shadrinsk. (Sochi 2014)
    (ATR) Monday marks day 71 of the Sochi Olympic torch relay. Here are 14 things to know about the relay's schedule this week.

    1) The flame arrives in Shadrinsk on Monday. Sochi 2014 says 22 torchbearers will run with the flame on the relay route through Shadrinsk, including Olympic weightlifter Alla Vazhenina.

    2) Russian weightlifting stars Svetlana Cheremshanova and Alla Vazhenina both hail from Shadrinsk.

    3) After its stop in Shadrinsk, the flame will journey 129.2 miles southwest to the city of Chelyabinsk. The line-up of over 200 torchbearers in Chelyabinsk will include Olympic judoka Mansur Isaev.

    4) Chelyabinsk will also feature the latest animal to carry the torch - a two-humped camel named Barsik.
    Barsik, a two-humped camel, will transport the torch along the relay route in Chelyabinsk on Tuesday. (Sochi 2014)

    5) The torch relay heads 194 miles southwest from Chelyabinsk to the city of Magnitogorsk on Wednesday. Sochi 2014 says over 80 torchbearers will carry the flame in Magnitogorsk.

    6) The Ural River divides Magnitogorsk into two parts.

    7) According to Sochi 2014, Magnitogorsk has the longest tramway line in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    8) To celebrate the torch relay, a local tram system in Magnitogorsk decorated its vehicles with Sochi 2014 colors and symbols.

    9) On Friday, the flame travels 216.6 miles northwest from Magnitogorsk to the city of Ufa. Olympic hockey player Igor Kravchuk hails from this city.

    10) Paralympic swimmer Oksana Savchenko is one of over 370 torchbearers who will run with the flame on the relay route through Ufa.

    11) Sochi 2014 says that Ufa is home to one of the best hockey clubs in the Kontinental Hockey League.

    On Sunday, the torch relay heads to Orenburg. (Sochi 2014)
    12) The torch relay heads approximately 232 miles southwest from Ufa to the city of Orenburg on Sunday. Close to 200 torchbearers will carry the flame in Orenburg.

    13) Olympic divers Aleksandr Dobroskok and Dmitry Dobroskok both hail from Orenburg.

    14) According to Sochi 2014, the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin completed flight school in Orenburg.

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    Written by Nicole Bennett

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