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  • Golden 25 -- #16 Christophes DeKepper & Dubi


    Christophe Dubi (left) and Christophe DeKepper (ATR).
    (ATR) The Christophes of the IOC - DeKepper and Dubi - will play crucial roles in the operation of the IOC headquarters and the Olympic Games.

    DeKepper, director general, keeps his eye on the administration of the IOC and hot button issues such as the controversy involving the Russian anti-gay propaganda law. He will be deeply involved in the transformation of the headquarters building as it undergoes a massive renovation in the next three years.

    Dubi takes over as Olympic Games executive director in January. He’s been groomed for the post during his five years as sports director. While predecessor Gilbert Felli will remain with the IOC in a special capacity to assist with Rio 2016, Dubi will be involved with each forthcoming edition of the Olympics, including the Youth Olympic Games as well as with bids for the Olympics.

    2013: both unranked

    Reported by Ed Hula

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