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    Patrick Hickey (ATR)
    (ATR) The Irish IOC member oversees the most important continental association, one expanding into new territory with the organization of the European Games.

    Delivering a successful inaugural Euro Games in Baku in 2015 is the biggest project of the European Olympic Committees. It’s Hickey’s pet project and one he is determined to get right first time around.

    The coming 12 months of preparations are crucial. Hickey will work closely with former US Olympic Committee CEO Jim Scherr, who heads Baku 2015 organizers, as well as the 18 participating sports, TV broadcasters, and sponsors to deliver on the vision.

    Re-elected as EOC president this past autumn, he also will be involved in decision-making to select the 2019 host.

    Hickey, 68, who joined the IOC membership in 1995, is also being asked to contribute ideas to help shape the new policies and initiatives being drawn up by IOC chief Thomas Bach. He became an executive board member in 2012. The two Europeans appear to work well together, a legacy of their involvement in EOC activities over many years.

    The judo black belt, who has headed the Olympic Council of Ireland since 1989, also has an influential voice at the top table of the Association of National Olympic Committees. He’s a vice president and also, more importantly, a confidante of ANOC leader Sheikh Ahmad.

    Hickey also sits on the Rio 2016 coordination commission.

    2013 ranking: 9

    Reported by Mark Bisson

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