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  • Golden 25 -- #12 Sidney Levy/Maria Bastos


    Sidney Levy/Maria Bastos (ATR)
    (ATR) Two individuals will be crucial to Rio 2016's progress in the coming year.

    Rio 2016 CEO Sidney Levy is believed to be putting the finishing touches on the first operating budget produced for the Games. Levy, hired a year ago, has the job of pulling together all of the different elements of the organizing committee.

    The OCOG is still in need of sponsors, and a respected figure in Brazilian business such as Levy brings credibility needed to attract more support. On other fronts, sports federations and NOCs are eager for operational details they need for their planning.

    Maria Sylvia Bastos is the president of Empressa Olimpica, the city company which is responsible for building venues and other Games infrastructure. With the pressure on to begin construction, Bastos must be able to mobilize contractors and government bureaucrats to get the job done without delay.

    Both Levy and Bastos must be on guard to prevent the distraction of last-minute World Cup preparations from robbing preparation time for the Olympics.

    Reported by Ed Hula

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