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  • Lviv 2022 Denies Bid Threatened by New Ukraine Government


    New fears of violence surfaced on Thursday as pro-Russian militia groups seized a Ukraine government building. (Getty Images)
    The Lviv 2022 bid CEO tells Around the Rings he expects the country’s newly-formed government to fully support the project.

    In the wake of two weeks of bloody anti-government protests on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine began forming a new government on Thursday.

    Asked if there was a possibility the new government could pull the plug on the bid, Sergey Gontcharov told ATR: “Of course, the support of the government is essential for any bid.”

    But with the March 14 deadline looming, he insisted Ukraine’s revamped administration would get behind the bid.

    “During the last months, respective documents in support of the bid have been signed and approved by all stakeholders – government, region, city, NOC. Nobody has withdrawn those decisions,” he said.

    “I also do not expect the new government to act any different towards our bid. Representatives of the new ruling parties had approved the bid during the Regional Council and City Council votes. The bid committee will submit the applicant file and continues its work.”

    Gontcharov added: “Still, I do acknowledge that our situation is challenging, but we are not giving up because this project is important for Ukraine.

    “We have worked very hard on our bid and of course we still dream of hosting the Games in Lviv. We remain hopeful that the dream of hosting the 2022 Winter Games will help further a peaceful dialogue in Ukraine.”

    Gontcharov said Lviv’s applicant file was “95 percent ready” with some thoughts now turning to printing the dossier ahead of presenting it to the IOC in Lausanne a week tomorrow.

    Lviv is competing against Almaty, Kazakhstan; Beijing, Krakow, Poland and Oslo for 2022 hosting rights. A host will be selected in 2015.

    Written by Mark Bisson.

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