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  • NOCs News -- Fiji To Vote On Commonwealth Games; Malawi and Hong Kong Olympic Commitee Elections


    Sireli Naqelevuki of Fiji (center) participates in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. (Getty Images)
    Fiji to Vote on Commonwealth Games

    Fiji’s sports bodies are going to vote on participation in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

    Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth in 2009 after refusing to allow democratic elections, causing the nation to miss out on the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

    The suspension was lifted on March 13th, giving Fiji the opportunity to compete in the Commonwealth Games in July.

    The Fiji Association of Sports & National Olympic Committee is meeting in Suva on Wednesday to decide if they will accept the offer to participate in the Commonwealth Games.

    Malawi Olympic Committee President Reelected

    Oscar Kanjala (Malawi Olympic Committee)
    Oscar Kanjala was reelected as President of the Malawi Olympic Committee in elections on Friday. Henry Sakala, the standing treasurer, was also reelected. According to the Nyasa Times, both men ran unopposed.

    Flora Mwandira beat Ben Mlasaanthu for the role of vice president. She is the only female in the committee’s seven member executive.

    Former treasurer Jappie Mhango beat Hellen Mpinganjira for the seat of Secretary General.

    Jimmy Kadewere and Dennis Kumwenda were both voted into executive seats.

    John Kaputa was elected to deputy secretary general, and Ken Dzekedzeke was co-opted as athletes’ representative.

    Hong Kong Olympic Committee Election under Government Review
    Barton Lui Pan-to (Getty Images)

    The Hong Kong Olympic Committee’s elections next week will take place under government watch.

    The South China Morning Post reports that the Hong Kong Olympic Committee did not provide medical attention to speed skater Barton Lui Pan-to in Sochi, despite vowing last year to provide voluntary medical personnel when applicable.

    Because of this incident, Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing will be paying close attention to the committee elections.

    "The government respects the committee's autonomy and independent operation, but at the same time will supervise effective use of public money,” Tsang said in a meeting on Friday.

    Written by Andrew Murrell.

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