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  • Paris Launches 2024 Bid Feasibility Study


    A final decision on a Paris 2024 bid is not expected until next summer (Getty)
    (ATR) France is taking another step towards a bid from Paris for the 2024 Olympics.

    On Monday, a feasibility study was launched by the French committee of international sports (CFSI) led by Bernard Lapasset.

    According to FrancsJeux, 14 working groups comprising about 200 people in total - drawn from sport, industry and civil society - are taking part in the comprehensive consultation.

    At the headquarters of the French Olympic committee, Lapasset set out the aims of the study. Former French sports stars, including Marie-Jose Perec and Joel Bouzou, are chairing ten of the working groups. Lapasset says the athletes are at the heart of the project and will be asked to innovate and “be original” in their proposals.

    "We do not want to rush to announce the nomination, we must first organize a strategy,” he said, in a nod to the failed Annecy 2018 bid which garnered only seven IOC votes and Paris losing out to London for 2012 hosting rights.

    The head of the International Rugby Board said the task forces would meet three times between June and mid-September, with the recommendations from each to be reviewed by Lapasset’s committee.

    The French public will also be canvassed for their views about a possible Olympic bid via a dedicated website, which will go live in mid-June 16.

    French Olympic committee president Denis Masseglia last week said: “If the study is positive, the period from October to April is devoted to communication for public support to find funding sources and define the governance of a nominating committee.”

    A final decision on whether Paris should bid for 2024 is expected to be made by summer 2015.

    The U.S. is also mulling a bid for the 2024 Olympics. South Africa, Italy and St Petersburg are among others who have expressed an interest in bidding.

    Paris last hosted the 1924 Olympics.

    The IOC will select a host at the 2017 IOC Session.

    Written by Mark Bisson.

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