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  • Advisory Board Almost Finalized; Stadium Plan Approved


    Sadaharu Oh has the record for most home runs in professional baseball with 868. (Getty Images)
    Japan’s The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the 130-member panel will feature some of the biggest names in Japanese culture, politics and sport. ​

    Some of the figures said to be on the committee include Shintaro Ishihara, the former Tokyo governor who led the 2016 campaign, and Shunichio Okano, a former IOC member. Sadaharu Oh, one of Japan’s baseball legends, is said to be on the committee to provide advice for baseball, which hopes to find a way onto the Olympic Program for the 2020 Games. ​

    Governors of the prefectures devastated by the 2011 Japan Earthquake are also reportedly on the committee. ​

    Perhaps one glaring omission from the published list of 12 members: there are no known women on the advisory committee. Tokyo 2020 came under criticism in February when its board of directors was named absent any women. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will lead the committee.

    JSC Approves Stadium Design ​
    Tokyo's National Stadium hosted its last sporting event on Sunday. (Getty Images)

    Plans for the new National Stadium were approved by the Japan Sports Council on Wednesday. ​

    The JSC limited the height of the venue to 70 meters as opposed to the original 75 meters so that it would not obstruct the Tokyo skyline. ​

    The 80,000-seat stadium will cost $1.6 billion to build on the site of the exiting National Stadium. ​

    Campaigners had called for the new stadium to be smaller, saying it would be too big and too expensive. 

    When finished, the stadium will be the main venue for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the event for which it was originally designed, and will host athletics, football, rugby and the ceremonies for the 2020 Olympics. ​

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