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  • FIBA Passes on Headgear Decision; Next Federation President Confirmed


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    (ATR) The International Basketball Federation will have a sweeping overhaul of its governance structure.

    On Wednesday, the policy-making Central Board of FIBA, basketball’s governing body, concluded its four-year term by approving a number of measures that could change the sport.

    The highest profile issue facing FIBA, however, received no decision.

    Currently, headgear is not allowed in FIBA competitions. Sikh and Muslim representatives had said the rule was discriminatory. FIBA had previously announced that the committee would make a decision on whether the rule should remain in basketball’s rulebook at the meeting on Wednesday.

    In a statement, FIBA said “because of the importance of the matter, the Central Board decided that it requires further analysis before a final decision is made.” No new timeline was given for a decision, but FIBA said its Technical and Legal Commissions would study the rule before presenting to the Central Board.

    Horacio Muratore, the president of FIBA Americas, was confirmed as the only candidate for FIBA presidency. As the only candidate, it is extremely unlikely he will lose the election which takes place during the FIBA World Congress on Aug. 28-29. The Argentine Muratore replaces Yvan Mainini, and will serve until 2019.

    FIBA also previously announced its governance will rely more heavily on a greatly-empowered network of regional offices. To help implement the change, the Boston Consulting Group was hired to “clarify and align the structure in accordance to the strategy, as well as implementing the changes,” FIBA said.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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