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  • Golden 25 -- #8 Gilbert Felli


    Gilbert Felli (ATR)
    (ATR) Gilbert Felli has no small task ahead of himself: ensure Rio de Janeiro continues to deliver the 2016 Olympics.

    Since leaving the IOC at the end of 2013, Felli has become a fulltime watchdog for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, going so far as to rent an apartment in the next Olympic host.

    It appears the tide has turned for Rio’s Olympic organizers with key stakeholders now saying Rio can deliver its Olympic promises following a successful World Cup and .

    However, massive projects remain including the once-again-delayed International Broadcast Center. If the IBC is not ready by the latest deadline, there might not be enough time for broadcasters to complete their installations before the opening ceremony.

    Felli will make sure Rio stays on track, in spite of the typical, easy-going Brazilian mentality. With a little under 600 days left until the Games start, organizers still have no time to lose.

    2014 ranking: unranked

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    Reported by Ed Hula III

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