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    Pere Miro
    (ATR) Pere Miro, the IOC director for NOC relations, is on the frontline of disputes arising out of non-compliance with the Olympic Charter.

    In 2013 that means trying to resolve the suspension of the Indian Olympic Association, which is on the outs after conducting an election the IOC failed to recognize. In Panama, the IOC is hoping an election earlier this month results in a lifting of the lengthy suspension of that NOC. Ecuador is next on the agenda, facing possible sanctions unless government interference complaints are resolved.

    Despite such challenges, Miro approaches his job with legendary cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Besides NOC disputes, he also administers a more salubrious task: distributing hundreds of millions of dollars to NOCs through the Olympic Solidarity program. With the NOCs due to receive hefty increases as a result of higher revenues for the IOC from London, Miro will be a welcome visitor to continental NOC meetings he’ll travel to in the year ahead.

    Miro, 57, a native of Spain, has worked at the IOC since 1992.

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