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  • Golden 25 -- Worldwide Leader for NOCs #2 Sheikh Ahmad Al Sabah


    Sheikh Ahmad Al Sabah
    (ATR) A powerful behind-the-scenes figure representing the world’s National Olympic Committees, Sheikh Ahmad Al Sabah, has risen in influence by becoming president of the Association of National Olympic Committees in March.

    The nearly effortless takeover of ANOC was made possible in part due to the resignation of predecessor Mario Vazquez Rana, who opted out of a power struggle. On the other hand, the Sheikh, also president of the Olympic Council of Asia, does enjoy widespread support among the NOC rank-and-file.

    Sheikh Ahmad wants to expand the role and influence of ANOC, as well as the participation of the 204 members of the organization. In June he will preside over what is planned as the start of annual general assemblies for ANOC; previously, they have been held every two years.

    Sheikh Ahmad, 49, president of the once-suspended Kuwait NOC, is a member of the ruling family of Kuwait. He became an IOC member in 1992.


    2012 Golden 25: 6 

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