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    (ATR) Azerbaijan Minister for Youth and Sport, Azad Rahimov has led the push for his country to play a greater role in international sport for 10 years.

    Azad Rahimov, Baku 2015 CEO (Getty Images)
    His biggest catch so far, the inaugural European Games, closed in Baku this weekend, heaped with praise for the smooth operation of the 17-day event.

    In an interview with Around the Rings editor Ed Hula, Rahimov says plenty of credit goes to the team of experts from across Europe who have come to Baku in the past two-and-a-half years to work on the games.

    He says the experience will be evaluated quickly by the government to decide whether to go ahead with a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

    Rahimov says the European Games is a boost for Azerbaijani sports executives to help lead big events in the future of the country, one of the benefits of playing host.

    Written and produced by Ed Hula and Nicole Bennett

    Photos: Getty Images

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