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  • ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championship Results


    Please find below the final results from the 2015 ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships in Umag, Croatia on Saturday 26 September and Sunday 27 September. The Championships have taken place on 21-27 September, with 121 teams from 30 countries competing in four age categories from 65-and-over to 80-and-over.

    The ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships are taking place in Umag, Croatia on 27 September – 4 October.

    The ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team and Individual Championships are the premier events on the ITF Seniors Circuit. Players aged from 35-and-over to 45-and-over compete in the Young Seniors Championships, from 50-and-over to 60-and-over in the Seniors Championships, and from 65-and-over to 85-and-over compete in the Super-Seniors Championships. Starting with one team trophy in 1958, and four individual events in 1981, the competitions have grown to offer a total of 72 World Championship titles each year to teams, and in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

    For the latest news and results, please visit the ITF seniors website:

    Final results

    Britannia Cup (M65)

    SPAIN (1) defeated USA (2) 2-0:

    Luis Flor de la Morena (ESP) d. William Bolton (USA) 16 60 63

    Jorge Camina Borda (ESP) d. Brian Cheney (USA) 62 61

    Angel Calvo Angulo/Jairo Velasco Ramirez (ESP) v. Michael Beautyman/Brian Cheney (USA) not played

    Jack Crawford Cup (M70)

    AUSTRIA (1) defeated NETHERLANDS (8) 2-1:

    Ben De Jel (NED) d. Johannes Muehlenburg (AUT) 62 60

    Hans Heissl (AUT) d. Ed Sasker (NED) 64 75

    Hans Heissl/Johannes Muehlenburg (AUT) d. Hans Bronkhorst/Ed Sasker (NED) 67(7) 75 75

    Bitsy Grant Cup (M75)

    GERMANY (4) defeated USA (3) 2-1:

    Horst Haetti (GER) d. Lester Sack (USA) 16 62 64

    Klaus Haas (GER) d. Rudy Hernando (USA) 75 63

    Joseph Bachmann/Robert Quall (USA) d. Heinz Kleinemas/Hans Koller (GER) 64 61

    Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80)

    GERMANY (4) defeated AUSTRALIA (2) 3-0:

    Gerd Coldewey (GER) d. Max Byrne (AUS) 63 61

    Herbert Althaus (GER) d. John O’Brien (AUS) 63 62

    Wilfried Mahler/Guenter Schwellnas (GER) d. Alan Hocking/Claude Wenzel (AUS) 63 63

    Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)

    USA (1) defeated GREAT BRITAIN (4) 2-1:

    Brenda Carter (USA) d. Shirley Fox (GBR) 7-6(4) 6-7(4) 6-3

    Kerry Young (USA) d. Marjory Love (GBR) 61 63

    June Peck/Rosemary Wilson (GBR) d. Kathy Bennett/Carol Clay (USA) 76(6) ret.

    Althea Gibson Cup (W70)

    FRANCE (1) defeated NETHERLANDS 2-0:

    Michele Bichon (FRA) d. Marijke Ter Heerdt Poelman (NED) 60 63

    Gail Benedetti (FRA) d. Elly Krocke (NED) 64 61

    Frederique Caillard/Sylvie Galfard-Kirsten (FRA) v. Anneke Jelsma De Jong/ Elly Krocke (NED) not played

    Queens’ Cup (W75)

    USA (1) defeated GREAT BRTAIN (3) 3-0:

    Donna Fales (USA) d. Joan Hassell (GBR) 61 60

    Lynn Little (USA) d. Ruth Weston (GBR) 76(6) 63

    Roz King/Lynn Little (USA) d. Jean Porter/Mary Walkerdine (GBR) 61 60

    Doris Hart Cup (W80)

    Round Robin winner: USA

    Team: Burnette Herrick, Judy Smith, Mary Lynch, Rose Yurek Austin

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