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  • Golden 25 - #21 - IAAF Scandal Investigator Richard Pound


    (ATR) IOC member Richard Pound is ready to reveal more trouble for IAAF.

    Richard Pound at IOC Headquarters on Nov. 10. (ATR)
    Pound is number 21 in the Around the Rings Golden 25 for 2016. Now in its 20th year, the survey ranks 25 individuals or events expected to have a major influence on the Olympics in the year ahead.

    Named a year ago to lead the World Anti-Doping Agency independent inquiry into the Russian doping scandal in athletics, Pound delivered a report in October studded with accusations of widespread irregularities. The report has led to the suspension of the Russian athletics federation and the prospect that track and field athletes won’t be allowed to compete at Rio 2016.

    Next month, Pound delivers a second report on the IAAF scandal that is expected to be as explosive as the first. The new report is expected to reveal a scheme of bribery at the top of the IAAF to conceal the Russian situation. The repercussions of the report are expected to accelerate reforms and other changes at the IAAF prompted by the initial report.

    "When we release this information to the world there will be a ‘wow’ factor,” says Pound. “I think people will say 'How on earth could this happen?' It's a complete betrayal of what the people in charge of the sport should be doing.”

    Pound, 73, an IOC member since 1978, will become the most senior member of the committee on Jan.1. In the 1990’s, Pound headed the first IOC Ethics Commission that led to expulsions and reprimands for more than a dozen members implicated in the Salt Lake City vote-buying scandal. In 2000 he became the first president of WADA, serving a five year term.

    Now a lawyer in Montreal, Pound competed in swimming at the 1960 Games and was a gold medalist at the 1962 Commonwealth Games.

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    Written by Ed Hula

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