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  • Golden 25 - #17 - Yang Ho Cho, 2018 Winter Olympics Pilot


    (ATR) The leader of the first Winter Games in Korea aims to avoid turbulence as crucial test events begin this season.

    Yang Ho Cho is number 17 in the Around the Rings Golden 25 for 2016. Now in its 20th year, the survey ranks 25 individuals or events expected to have a major influence on the Olympics in the year ahead.

    The description of Cho, 66, as a pilot may be apt, given his other job as chairman of Korean Airlines. Cho, who led the bid, was brought back two years ago to invigorate an organizing committee mired in bureaucracy and under performing in the sponsorship realm.

    The IOC seems to be happy with the direction Cho is taking the OCOG, but early 2016 brings the first test events that will measure whether Cho and his team are ready to move from planning to operation. The alpine test event in February is still in doubt over whether the downhill course will be ready in time. Cho, who likes to get things done, is keen to prove PyeongChang can deliver.

    Creating an inviting situation for the NHL in PyeongChang is another challenge ahead for the Korean organizers. So far there seems to be little interest from the professional league towards a decision that will be influenced by the quality of the experience PyeongChang provide. And Cho the businessman needs to make a convincing case to the NHL that it’s good business for the NHL to participate.

    2015 ranking: 3

    Written by Ed Hula.

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