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  • Website Marks New Era for Olympics Organization


    (ATR) The World Union of Olympic Cities (WUOV) is starting the New Year off with a new online platform.

    The home page of the new Smart Cities & Sport website (WUOV)
    In a statement released on Thursday, the WUOV announced the launch of the innovative Smart Cities & Sport website.

    Melanie Duparc, secretary general of the WUOV, said the website marks a new era for the organization.

    "In line with the Smart Cities & Sport Summit, city representatives will now have the opportunity to access content, exchange ideas and engage with their peers on a daily basis.

    "There is a great need amongst sport cities for a platform like this and we are very happy to provide this new service. We are very excited about this new initiative and we are convinced that cities will greatly benefit from it."

    A primary goal in launching the site, according to the WUOV, is to become the "meeting point and reference for all cities around the world interested in developing smart strategies that effectively connect sport and cities.

    "It is the only existing free and online platform for cities to learn about new trends and opportunities related to sport, to share best practices and to connect with their peers from around the world."

    More than 200 delegates representing over 60 cities gathered for the second edition of the Smart Cities & Sports Summit in the Olympic capital of Lausanne last October.

    Organized by the World Union of Olympic Cities, the two-day conference and networking event is aimed at representatives of cities, regions and countries around the world interested in learning more about effective and smart strategies for connecting sport and cities.

    The new Smart Cities & Sport website will feature consistently-updated case studies, interviews with experts, and academic papers. Cities will also have access to relevant sport opportunities including the attendance of conferences, workshops, seminars, and even the chance to bid for different sporting events.

    Written by Nicole Bennett

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