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  • New Director Joining IOC


    (ATR) Philip French takes over as IOC director of the department of public affairs and social development through sport department.
    IOC headquarters in Lausanne (Getty Images)
    Formerly a member of the England and Wales Cricket board, French has held an array of positions in the international sports world including the chief adviser on sport at the UK department for culture, media and sport. 

    He previously held the position of director of public policy at the English Premier League and wrote for the British national daily The Guardian.

    French studied economics with government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His appointment follows a year in which the IOC focused on the use of sport for wider development.

    In the wake of the refugee crisis in Europe, the IOC entered into partnerships with the United Nations to financially assist NOCs building programs aimed at helping refugees.

    "The IOC has developed a comprehensive program using sport as a tool for local socio-economic development and for humanitarian assistance," the IOC said in its statement. 

    "The PASD is central in defining the strategies for the development and implementation of grassroots and peace projects around the world, as well as for advocating for the integration of sport and physical activity in national and international policies and programs.

    "It is also responsible for fostering partnerships with a wide range of organisations specialized in development and humanitarian aid, including the agencies of the UN and NGOs in a bid to build a better world through sport."

    French will take up his post at the IOC on March 1. He takes over a post formerly held by Thomas Sithole, now secretary general of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

    Written by Nicole Bennett

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