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  • Samsung VR Impresses at Youth Olympic Games -- Sponsor Spotlight


    (ATR) Olympic Top Sponsor Samsung is prominently on display, catering to the younger generation, at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer.

    Visitors line up for the Samsung Virtual Reality Studio in Lillehammer (ATR)
    Visitors to the Games can check out the Samsung Galaxy Virtual Reality Studio, the three-story VR bus or pose for photos at the VR monument.

    The spacious 162-meter VR studio, located just one block down from Lillehammer’s main Storgata pedestrian street, features three interactive rooms.

    In the first room, guests put on Samsung Virtual Reality headsets and can view half-pipe skiers flipping and twisting over their heads, female speed skaters zooming past, or ski jumpers launching above them through the air. Viewers are able to swivel their heads right and left and watch the action from a 180-degree perspective.

    Live coverage of the YOG opening ceremony was available at the Virtual Reality studio, an unprecedented first and potentially the future for viewing live sporting events. It is a viable option for those who don’t want to brave the elements in an outdoor stadium.

    ATR's Brian Pinelli (lower right) experiences Samsung 4D Virtual Reality (ATR)
    The second room is the 4D studio – a cinema of sorts where eight guests buckle into their seats and once again put on the VR viewfinder preparing for a ride that they have surely never experienced before.

    Facing a large glass window, where those outside can watch the proceedings, guests have the unique opportunity to experience all elements of ripping down a precipitous powdery slope on skis or launching off a large hill ski jump at full speed. The hydraulic theater swiftly moves to depict the body’s motions, while wind whips into one’s face. A winter wonderland of fresh snow is seen in Whistler, Canada, enhancing the overall experience and making everyone feel as if they are actually doing the sports in the beautiful locale.

    In the final room, guests see digital images of them taking in all of the Samsung VR experiences. The friendly and helpful Samsung staff quickly sends them the photos to the visitors. They are encouraged to post the photos on social media using the hashtag #THEONLYWAYTOKNOW.

    Guests are encouraged to post with the hashtag #THEONLYWAYTOKNOW (ATR)
    “The Only Way to Know campaign was designed to have a very positive message to the youth in Lillehammer – all the athletes,” said a Samsung spokesperson. “The idea was give them a message to show and highlight that the Only Way to Know is to try it.

    “It is a universal message for the empowerment of youth.

    “We wanted to have something on social media because all the youth love Instagram, Facebook and so on, so it is really powerful for youth.”

    There have consistently been lines of visitors waiting to experience the highly popular Samsung VR attraction. The exhibition is free to all throughout the duration of the Lillehammer Games.

    Written by Brian Pinelli in Lillehammer

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