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  • IOC Commissions Named for 2024, Beijing, YOG


    Frank Fredericks (ATR)
    (ATR) Leadership and members are named for three important IOC commissions.

    Leading the list is Frank Fredericks, Olympian and IOC member in Namibia. He will chair the IOC Evaluation Commission for 2024, the group that will visit the four cities bidding for the 2024 Games: Budapest, Los Angeles, Paris and Rome.

    Russia Olympic Committee President and IOC member Alexander Zhukov is assigned to lead the Coordination Commission for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Zhukov chaired the evaluation commission for the 2022 race.

    The third key appointment -- chair of the Tripartite Working Group to study the future of the Youth Olympic Games -- goes to Ugur Erdener, president of the Turkish National Olympic Committee and an IOC member.

    Earlier this month IOC president Thomas Bach said the YOG concept will be subject to the review of this new commission. The cycle of YOGs began in 2010 with the first summer edition Singapore, followed by Nanjing in 2014. Innsbruck hosted the first winter YOG in 2012 with Lillehammer just concluding February 21.

    The YOG Working Group, with 27 members, is the biggest such panel in the pantheon IOC commissions. Many of its members are from the IOC including leaders of all of the continental associations for the NOCs as well as a number of Federation leaders. Leaders of previous as well as future YOGs are included on the working group.

    One notable slot goes to a consistent critic of the YOG, IOC member Richard Pound of Canada, the doyen of the IOC.

    Click here to see the IOC press release detailing the full list of membership of each commission.

    Written by Ed Hula.

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