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  • Tokyo 2020 Reveals Four Shortlisted Logos -- On the Scene


    (ATR) Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori says he is “excited” about the new designs, one of which will replace the logo scrapped in a plagiarism scandal.

    The four emblem designs, pictured right, were presented at a press conference in Tokyo on Friday.

    Mori said the final decision on a new logo later this month “has to live up to expectations” following half a year's "hard work" by the emblem committee.

    “Everybody waits expectantly, sorry to have kept you waiting,” emblem selection committee chairman Ryohei Miyata told the media briefing.

    Tokyo Olympic leaders launched a search for a new logo after the previous one was dropped in September following allegations of plagiarism from a Belgian designer.

    In the wake of the scandal, Tokyo 2020 spent $680,000 to register, trademark and run a plagiarism check on the four shortlisted designs in conjunction with the IOC and IPC.

    “The four emblems are original and great designs,” Miyata said.

    Mori and Miyata at the press conference (ATR)
    The general public has until April 17 to send in their feedback to the four possible logos for the Tokyo Olympics.

    Organizers have promised to include their comments in the decision-making process.

    The final selection will be made and announced by the Tokyo 2020 board of directors on April 25.

    Reported by Hironori Hashimoto and Mark Bisson

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