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    (ATR) Newly appointed Group CEO of the International Center for Sport Security Michael Hershman says the center wants better governance standards throughout international sports.

    New Group CEO Michael Hershman (ICSS)
    Hershman tells Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula that as a sports fanatic he has a unique opportunity to follow his passion while "changing the world of sport" on the latest edition of ATRadio.

    “It allows me to continue the work I’ve been doing most of my adult life in the area of promoting transparency and accountability,” he tells ATR.

    “ICSS is the only [organization] that takes a holistic approach to sports. That is not only promoting integrity and honesty but also concerned with safety and security and with the promotion of values and ethics amongst youth.”

    Hershman says he will try to use his new position as Group CEO to make positive changes in international sports.

    “It gives me a platform to speak from; it empowers me if you will, to bring the resources to bear to try to make a change for the better in sports.”

    Listen to the interview with Hershman below:

    Written by Kevin Nutley

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